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Utilizing Direct Mail Marketing02

Utilizing Direct Mail Marketing

Having trouble with your direct mail marketing campaign?

So you think you're Different?02

So you think you're Different?

Being different, or more precisely, having a point of differentiation that matters is one of the most critical marketing strategies for any business.

How to make your Small Business Successful02

How to make your Small Business Successful

Getting your small business up and running, or just keeping up with the everyday tasks can be stressful and overwhelming for any business owner.

Marketing tips for your Small Business02

Marketing tips for your Small Business

Many small businesses face the daunting task of trying to market their business, despite having limited time and an even more limited marketing budget.

Internet fine tuning "The Early Years"02

Internet fine tuning "The Early Years"

Think about the first 20 years of the telephone or radio or television, those years are with us again with the way the internet is developing.

JH Specialty Inc a short story.02

JH Specialty Inc a short story.

The story is simple but truly one that will hopefully inspire someone to go and follow their gut.

Benefits of an Effective Corporate Website02

Benefits of an Effective Corporate Website

As our society is becoming more digital based, it is necessary for our clients to have a predominant presence on the Internet.

Through the Search Engines' Eyes02

Through the Search Engines' Eyes

As more and more people are turning to the Internet, our clients want to take full advantage of the world wide web.

Direct Mail Integrated with Digital Marketing02

Direct Mail Integrated with Digital Marketing

Everywhere you look social media, seo, and digital marketing is getting all the attention, however don't forget about traditional marketing.

New Album Release02

New Album Release

Ludacris make some noise with the help of JH

The musician Ludacris wanted to make a bang with his new album release. JH Specialty sold the artist 7000 pair of Thunderstix to ensure they could make a lot of noise with a great American Made noise maker.