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Make Consumers Want to Listen

Make Consumers Want to Listen

Imagine... by the time you're done reading this you will be a more effective marketer, all because you learned two very important words and the specific reasons why those words are so crucial.Image via wordpress.com

Actually, both of the effective marketing words can be found in the preceding sentence. Can you spot them?

The first important word is you. Did you find the opening sentence compelling? I'm guessing you said yes. That's why you clicked on the link, are currently reading the post and wanting to know more. Your consumers want to know more as well. They want to know the benefits they will receive from your product or service compared to your competition. It's all about the consumer. What are you providing your customers that your competitors are failing to give them? What about your product is better or different? Tell them; they want to know.

Were you able to pick up on the second most important word?

The word is because. Why is the word because so important? The most effective transition when giving a reason is to use the word because.Specificity is crucial in persuading consumers. One of the best ways to influence a consumer is through reasoning. Give the consumer a reason as to why your product or service is better or provides the most benefit.

So now that you know the two most important words to use when reaching out to customers,  try it for yourself in your next advertising campaign. And remember, you learned your best marketing trick from JH Specialty, Inc.