Solutions for Recruiting Employees

Recruiting employees is one of the most difficult challenges businesses are facing. The traditional methods of newspaper, job boards, billboards, signs in front of your building and radio aren't reaching the people where they are at and ultimately are not as effective as they once were. 

The average business will spend $4,000 on employee recruitment per hire [source]. The inability to hire the right employees can prevent the growth of a business to meet and deliver on the demand for their product or service.

At JH, we've found that relying on the same tactics as you did 5, 10, or 20 years ago to recruit employees no longer works. 

In order to attract new talent, you have to reach people where they are at ... online. This allows you to build a relationship where you can educate and engage the potential applicant. Our approach to recruiting relies on creating advocacy with your current employees and allowing them to tell the story about working for your company. 

If you find that recruiting new talent is a challenge, let's talk. Our team has success stories to share and can tailor a recruiting program to fit your needs.