It takes a village – and we want to be a part of yours. When you partner with JH Specialty, we hope you'll think of us as an extension of your team. In fact, we have two simple goals. First, we want to create products and implement procedures that will help you grow your business. Second, we want to walk away from the process feeling like we've developed a lasting relationship.
From project launch to final review, we're here to help you shine.

Should We Work Together?

Initial Meeting

getting to know youInitial Meeting

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. What problem can we help you solve? What goal can we help you achieve? We want to listen and learn about your company and what makes you tick. This meeting should be all about YOU and whether or not we are the best fit. We welcome any and all questions – ask us the tough ones.

Proposal & Budgeting

high level presentationProposal & Budgeting

Using the knowledge we've gained of your identity, we apply our experience and arsenal of talent to provide you with a proposed approach to the task at hand. We include cost projections based on your budget and an in-depth Q&A time so that you can feel confident in your decision.

Decision Time

should we go for it?

Our Q&A time is where we decide – do we have a compelling reason to work together? We've learned it's best not to beat around the bush. Once we get the thumbs up from you, we share with you our proven process to move the project from concept to completion.

Connecting All the Dots

How do you get from concept to end goal? You start by asking lots of questions. At the onset of a project, we'll identify a vision. Then, we'll fire up the think tank and figure out a tactical approach. In the end, we want to help you connect the dots with meaningful recommendations and measurable results.