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Are You Ready for Social Media Marketing?

Are You Ready for Social Media Marketing?

How to prepare for social advertising.

Paid Social Media Advertising can be an extremely valuable aspect of a digital marketing campaign. Social Advertising provides an avenue to accurately target a very narrow market segment. This provides you with the opportunity to show your ads to more potential customers who are actually interested in your business and what you have to offer. However, it is important to make sure that your potential Paid Social Media ads align with current social media and business strategy.

There are multiple different social networks that offer Paid Social Media Advertising; therefore, it is important to understand which networks your target market is already using to interact with your business. You should be prepared to interact with an influx of activity on your social pages. You can also use market research to determine which social networks your target market is most active on. You should then use this information about your target market to help develop your creative assets. 

With your selected social network platform(s) and social media and business strategy in mind, determine the following 4 items for your ad's creative assets:

  • What is the topic and copy of your ad?
  • Who is your ad intended to reach?
  • What action should your target market perform based on your ad? Keep in mind that each Ad should only target one action, such as signing up for your newsletter.
  • How will you measure the success of your ad? Keep in mind that your goals should be measurable and obtainable. 

Finally, it is important to insure that you are willing and able to put the necessary financial means towards the project in order to see an impact. Not allocating the proper investment to a social media advertising campaign can lead to disappointing results.

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