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Misplaced Your Marketing Dollars? Now What?

Misplaced Your Marketing Dollars? Now What?

A public relations and marketing strategy is crucial for every business no matter what its goal. Gaining awareness for a company can be a difficult task if you do not know where to begin. Often, a company will burn through their original marketing dollars in a hurry, being left with limited options as to how to continue reaching consumers and gain attention. The good news is that even if most of the marketing dollars have been spent, there are still a few good ways to gain attention without breaking image via ehow.comthe bank. Here are some strategies to implement in order to generate company brand awareness.

Spend time on market research. The first mistake companies make is that they try to market to everyone. In order to successful market the company, a target market needs to be identified. Use social media sites to gather market research information as they provide a great platform to interact with consumers. Once a target market is identified, it is easier and less expensive to market to this core group because it is smaller and focused.

In order to get the attention of consumers, focus on the benefits the company provides to the end user. Let the consumer know why they need this product and how it will benefit their everyday life; will it save them time, make a task easier, etc.

Reach out to current customer and let them know they are valued by using promotional products. The aim of any promotion is to increase consumers' interest.  One way of exciting and enticing existing customers to spread the word is by giving them a token of appreciation, a custom promotional product. For example, give existing consumers a useful promotional magnet, or a reusable imprinted grocery tote. With promotional gifts, the options are endless and the products are easy on the bottom line. Promotional products are a great way to break through the advertising clutter, create name recognition and good will with your potential customers.

Marketing dollars have to be carefully allocated where they will bring the most return. If the majority of the marketing dollars have been misplaced, think about these tips to increase the effectiveness of the current marketing strategy.