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AI at JH02 Gray Flag

AI at JH

Leveraging New Technology

AI is everywhere you turn and our teams are staying on top of the latest technology.

AI Content Creation02 Gray Flag

AI Content Creation

Answers to Your Most-Asked Questions

​There's no doubt about it, AI content creation is the topic of conversation right now. Many people are asking questions, and we've got the answers!

The Changing Landscape of Data Security and Privacy02 Gray Flag

The Changing Landscape of Data Security and Privacy

A Webinar Recap

John Henry, JH CEO and Owner, along with ​Justin Molitoris, ​Barrett McNagny attorney, hosted a webinar on data security and privacy.

Wombat Juice vs Drupal02 Gray Flag

Wombat Juice vs Drupal

A Comparison of Platforms

Exploring the differences between a Wombat Juice website and a Drupal website.

Tools of the Trade02 Gray Flag

Tools of the Trade

How we stay connected and get things done at JH

There's an app for that - literally there's an app for everything these days and we use plenty of them!

What Is Wombat Juice?02 Gray Flag

What Is Wombat Juice?

If you've worked with JH on a website project you've likely heard the term "Wombat Juice".

Email Privacy is Changing02 Gray Flag

Email Privacy is Changing

How will this impact your email marketing plans?

The iOS 15 update is a big win for customer privacy, but will impact business' email marketing efforts.

The Secret Sauce to Answering Thousands of Customer Service Calls02 Gray Flag

The Secret Sauce to Answering Thousands of Customer Service Calls

Companies are Using This Tactic to Stay Ahead

Since we’re living in the era of launching cars into space, exploring the idea of sending pilgrims to inhabit Mars, and mining for things like digital money (instead of gold), it’s not far-fetched to believe that person on the other side of the chat box you’re talking to is really a robot.

Did iOS 14 Make Facebook Advertising Obsolete?02 Gray Flag

Did iOS 14 Make Facebook Advertising Obsolete?

Aside from being Apple’s biggest update, iOS 14 has been a hot topic recently, especially when it comes to Facebook advertising. But, what exactly does this update mean for brands and advertisers? Should you be freaking out? Do you need to reallocate your budget to a different social platform? Calm the alarms and learn what steps you should be taking if you're a brand advertising on Facebook.

Password Managers02 Gray Flag

Password Managers

The safe way to store your login information

The average person has 70-80 passwords, it's no wonder people reuse the same password over and over again.