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Device Search Independence 02

Device Search Independence

Google announces a separate index based on device

We all saw it coming but now it is official. Google has always been in the business of providing the best search results. Now they are looking at what device you are searching with.

Placards iPad Game02

Placards iPad Game

JH Team Launches Single Player Puzzle Game

Placards is a unique single-player puzzle experience that requires players to think both visually and strategically. Rearrange pixels on the screen by rotating or swapping to solve Placard puzzles.

Designing with Mobile in Mind02

Designing with Mobile in Mind

Chances are you might be reading this post on a mobile or tablet device. If so, you are part of a larger group that is changing the way designers and developers think about building the web.

Benefits of an Effective Corporate Website02

Benefits of an Effective Corporate Website

As our society is becoming more digital based, it is necessary for our clients to have a predominant presence on the Internet.

Through the Search Engines' Eyes02

Through the Search Engines' Eyes

As more and more people are turning to the Internet, our clients want to take full advantage of the world wide web.

Mobile Applications02

Mobile Applications

Cool Factor or Function?

There is no doubt that the smart phone continues to get smarter, and there are less and less of your average flip phones being sold today.