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Google My Business Verification

Google My Business Verification

Helping businesses navigate these waters

Google My Business allows business owners to edit and maintain accurate pertinent information all in one place.  This information is then displayed with Google Maps and often times shows up within organic search results.  

The verification process (for the right reason) can be cumbersome.  The most common verification processes are a robot dial or verification postcard.  These seem like simple processes but can often get lost within larger organizations.

For a very limited time (until 11:59pm PT, 12/15/2016), Google is offering an expedited verification process.  If you have an unverified Google My Business Account all you have to do is fill out this form and Google has committed to verifying your business within five business days.

Why is Google doing this?  They have always had a simple goal. They want to provide the most relevant and accurate information within their search results.  The holidays are coming up and they want to make make sure that store and office hours are accurate when a Google user finds your business within Google My Business.

If you need help verifying or managing your Google My Business account please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or using our contact form to start a new conversation on this topic.  We are proud to be a Google Partner.

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