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JH Team Members & The Enneagram02

JH Team Members & The Enneagram

JH team members take the enneagram test and the results were a little surprising!

Community Involvement02

Community Involvement


How JH employees get involved in our community

Tools of the Trade02

Tools of the Trade

How we stay connected and get things done at JH

There's an app for that - literally there's an app for everything these days and we use plenty of them!

Show Off Your Desk Space02

Show Off Your Desk Space

Can you guess which desk belongs to which JH employee?

Best of 2021: Countdown 10-602

Best of 2021: Countdown 10-6

We're counting down the top 10 blog posts of 2021. See which posts ranked 10-6.

Childhood Dream Jobs02

Childhood Dream Jobs

JH team members share their childhood dreams

Did your childhood dream job turn into a reality? For most, adulthood isn't what we expected as an elementary kid, but let's have some fun and take a stroll down memory lane.

New Brand Breakdown02

New Brand Breakdown

Making the new JH logo, plus the hidden symbolism

We explain what went into making the new JH logo and some of the hidden symbolism.

Favorite / Most Used Apps02

Favorite / Most Used Apps

JH team members share their favorite apps

As a technology-based marketing company we know a thing or two about apps. Hear which ones top the list for our team members.

In The Mix Featuring John Henry III02

In The Mix Featuring John Henry III

A personal and professional podcast

Have you ever wondered how JH was started? This podcast touches on an array of topics and has received positive feedback from listeners.

My Experience as a Digital Marketing Intern02

My Experience as a Digital Marketing Intern

A Post from Kaylee Wolford

Internships are a unique and special experience not many people get the opportunity of doing. Amongst several companies I could have chosen for an internship, I am super glad I chose to pursue JH to gain digital marketing and social media experience.