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Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving at JH is a fun event. We all contribute in some way ... cooking, setting up, cleaning up, decorating ... and enjoying a massive meal in the middle of Wednesday. While group lunches are a normal occurrence for our office (we have one every other week), JH Thanksgiving is extra special. So in honor of the day, we polled the office about some of their own Thanksgiving Day preferences. 

JH Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from JH

How do you prefer your turkey?

Half the office is taking oven-roasted turkey over all other kinds.

Which potatoes are you loading up on?

Mashed potatoes win by a landslide!

Who's ready for pie? Which are you choosing?

Some team members were disgruntled that there were no other options to choose from here.

Non-traditional side dishes found around our table ...

  • Spanakopita
  • Fried Okra
  • Red Hot Applesauce
  • Venison Charcuterie
  • Bacon-Wrapped Carrots
  • Mac 'n Cheese (creamy and cheesy or baked)
  • Pecan Cream Pie
  • Carrot Jello Salad
  • Miller Highlife
  • Chip Beef Dip
  • Frozen Slush (booze optional)
  • Bacon

How many people are gathered around your Thanksgiving table?

It's a full house!

Which task are you helping with?

Someone put these guests to work - at least we have a lot of people willing to do the setup and clean up!

When are you shopping?

It seems most prefer to shop online after the weekend.

How do you prefer to consume your carbs?

#TeamRolls is the clear winner

What's the dress code for your event?

  • Comfy clothes - stretchy pants mean you can eat more!
  • Dress up - this is a good opportunity for a family photo.
  • Come as you are - we're thankful you are here.

Are the football games on?

Sports balls are in full swing in JH households!

Tell us what you are thankful for ...

  • Family
  • Family and the great life they have provided/guided me to achieve
  • Family, friends, health
  • Family and good health!
  • Having a home gym to work off all these calories
  • Good health, family to celebrate with, and a great company to work for!
  • Family!
  • Family
  • Family and friends
  • My family, my friends, the opportunity to continue my internship at JH
  • The health and ability of our family to be able to come together
  • Health, family, my amazing JH family
  • My kids and everyone's health.
  • My cat.
  • Thankful for comfy couches and chairs for all the food comas
  • Time with family and loved ones!
  • Family
  • Family, health and home
  • Family and friends
  • Great family and friends
  • God's grace, family and friends
  • The health of my family!
  • Family, Friends, Faith
  • Family and a good job
  • To still have my grandparents at the table at almost 90 years old!
  • The health and well-being of my family and friends.
  • Family that willingly values time together.
  • Family & Friends!

And we're thankful to all our blog readers!