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Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

How we stay connected and get things done at JH

There's an app for that - literally there's an app for everything these days and we use plenty of them to get the job done here at JH.

If you're curious about apps in our personal lives, check out this post where team members shared their favorite and most-used apps.

Now back to business, quite literally.


No surprise here, but email is used regularly to communicate with clients, vendors and internally. We're fans of Office365 for sharing calendars to ensure we aren't booking meetings over the top of one another. Various distribution group emails are used to help keep each member of a team in the loop on a specific topic or announcement.

JH Admin

Clever name, right? This is our custom-developed internal system that manages all the tasks and billings for our web projects. It grows as we grow. It also generates tons of reports so the management team can make smart decisions about the business. We'd probably never accomplish anything without it.


From DMs to channels to show off your pets, we've got all the convos covered. Unfortunately Slack doesn't give us access to see how many giphys are sent in a given day, but the number has to be approaching triple digits. Slack allows for quick back-and-forth between team members and allows for group conversations in project-specific channels. 


Yep, you knew this would make the list, no way we survived the last 2 years without it. It's nice to have a face-to-face with those clients who don't work in Fort Wayne or just touch base with a team member who has been working from home/remote for an extended period of time. While other options like Google Meets and Microsoft Teams are available, we've become a Zoom organization.


Yep, we still call people. So many times the message you are trying to convey gets lost in the written word or someone infers a tone that you never intended. For quick answers or lengthy explanations we pick up the phone and call our customers and vendors. 

Shared Docs

Sharepoint and Google Docs/Sheets are commonplace around here. No worries about being on the network to access something you need, none of those terrible "Someone else has this document open" warnings when you want to look something up. We love to use these for collecting information from our clients instead of passing back and forth attachments in email.

Notes & To-Do Lists

How each team member takes and manages notes is up to their personality. There isn't a standard for notes and to-do lists around the office. Everything from pen and paper to Evernote and ClickUp are used. Whatever helps you stay organized and get the job done is the best tool to use!


As you can imagine we have a ton of passwords to keep track of. Many of our team members use a Password Manager - check out this post for more details, but we also utilize an internal Wiki to keep client details and sensitive information secure. 


We use HubSpot for our sales team to manage statuses of deals, but more than that we also it for communicating with our clients via email blasts and net promoter surveys. Learn more about how we use NPS here.

While this list could go on to talk about the programs we use to create the artwork for promotional products and how we get website designs from a designer's brain into a fully functional website, we know you need to get back to work. Hopefully you've found a new tool you can use to get your job done, but if you need help with any of that marketing stuff let us know!