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What Is Wombat Juice?

What Is Wombat Juice?

If you've worked with JH on a website project you've likely heard the term "Wombat Juice". This tends to lead to more questions and curiosity. 

What is Wombat Juice? 

Wombat Juice is our in-house development platform that we've built from scratch. Every website needs a foundation for how it functions and works (a framework). Here at JH, we developed Wombat Juice as the framework we use to support our client's projects.

Why did JH choose to create Wombat Juice?

Open source and out-of-the-box solutions are available, but they are limited. We built Wombat Juice as a way to support all the different ways we solve for a client's needs. Our in-house solution means we can expand and add on top of the basic framework to really customize the requests of our clients.

Why does this matter to our clients?

Wombat Juice allows for flexibility and customization, along with a strong level of security.  Open source solutions have third-party developers creating various add-ons that don't get properly vetted before being implemented. Should that addition break or need updated, you are reliant upon those third-party developers to take care of it. Here at JH, everything is done in-house. We have highly technical and skilled individuals who are building what our clients are using and they are the only ones doing it. This gives us 100% control of what a client ends up with and allows us to customize and tailor to our client's needs. 

Wombat Juice and You

Here at JH, we are a partner you can rely on. We focus on relationships and not projects. That means we are with you every step of the way when your business changes and grows. Wombat Juice is modular, meaning we can build and enhance your solution set as your business needs evolve. 

Interested in learning more? Reach out to one of our account managers to set up a time to talk.