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Advertise Your Business on Yelp

Advertise Your Business on Yelp

JH Can Help You Advertise on Yelp

Free Yelp Business Account

It is likely that your company already have a yelp business account, but did you know that you have to claim your business to start utilizing the benefits of Yelp. Consumers utilize the information about a business on Yelp in order to help facilitate their purchasing decision. When a company has a business user account on Yelp, they are able to connect with consumers, especially those who have written a review about your company. A business can also use the information in the reviews as data to show them what they are doing right or wrong.

Yelp Business – Paid Advertising

Yelp's Paid Advertising provides a unique opportunity to locally target customers who are actively searching for your product or service. By using Yelp Advertising, you are provided with premium placement on search and competitor’s business pages. In addition, all of the competitor’s ads are removed from your page. You are charged on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis, when someone clicks your ad to view your profile page.

Yelp Business - Enhanced Profile

An Enhanced Profile is a benefit of advertising your business on Yelp. It provides the opportunity to customize your Yelp Business. The profile modifications include Call to Action buttons, the ability to ensure brand consistency, and a video message option. The Call to Action buttons make it easier for customers to convert. Yelp has found that a Call to Action button on an Enhanced Profile will provide an average of a 50% increase in traffic and customer leads. You are able to control brand consistency by selecting which photos are featured on your Yelp Business Page. The video message options provide a unique opportunity to share your story.

Yelp Business - Responding to Reviews:

Responding to customer reviews is highly encouraged. does not have to be tricky. Not only does this partnership provide JH Specialty with insightful data, they now have dedicated support and training resources. This training extends from setting up a yelp account to the best practices for handling both positive and negative reviews, and any questions you may have along the way. JH Specialty can also help to connect you to Yelp resources such as this article “Responding to Reviews.” This additional support will optimize the return on investment of your Yelp Paid Advertising Campaign.

Contact JH Specialty today to take advantage of their new partnership to help boost your Yelp Business Account. For a limited time, Yelp is providing up to a $300 match on CPC budget during new advertisers’ first month. It is a great time to give Yelp Paid Advertising a try!