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Social Media Marketing Certified02

Social Media Marketing Certified

Find out what this means for your company.

Social Media can be an invaluable aspect of any digital marketing strategy. Find out how to properly develop your strategy for a successful campaign.

Advertise Your Business on Yelp02

Advertise Your Business on Yelp

JH Can Help You Advertise on Yelp

Yelp Advertising provides a unique opportunity to locally target customers who are actively searching for your product or service. By using Yelp Advertising, you are provided with premium placement on search and competitor’s business pages.

Marketing Lessons from the Election02

Marketing Lessons from the Election

Learn about the marketing used in the election.

John Henry III, CEO/Founder of JH Specialty, provided insights into the utilization of technology in 2016 Presidential election in the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly article “Marketing lessons from the election.”

JH at the Google Partner Summit02

JH at the Google Partner Summit

A recap of the exclusive Google Partners event

JH Specialty was invited to attend this year’s Google Partners Summit in San Francisco. Only the digital agencies that push for innovative solutions, launch exciting campaigns for new clients, and help others grow their business on the web are invited. Around 900 of the brightest minds in digital marketing from all over the world gathered to brainstorm and share ideas on ways to improve the digital experience and ROI for clients. Google picking up the tab was a pretty nice perk as well.

Make Consumers Want to Listen02

Make Consumers Want to Listen

Imagine... by the time you're done reading this you will be a more effective marketer....

Misplaced Your Marketing Dollars? Now What?02

Misplaced Your Marketing Dollars? Now What?

A public relations and marketing strategy is crucial for every business no matter what its goal. G ...

Is your Website Working Against You?02

Is your Website Working Against You?

As our society is becoming more digital based and driven by technology, it is necessary for a routine audit of your own website.

JH Specialty's Marketing Tips02

JH Specialty's Marketing Tips

Many small businesses face the daunting task of trying to market their business, despite having limited time and an even more limited marketing budget.

4 Business Lessons02

4 Business Lessons

learned by playing Bejeweled

I have actually picked up a few tips from playing Bejeweled that can actually help in business.

Do You Know Where Your Business Card Is?02

Do You Know Where Your Business Card Is?

Do you know where your business card is? Unfortunately, the answer is probably in the trash bin.