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Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding Your Business

If And When It's Right For You

You have an established business, but are considering rebranding. The first question you need to answer is, why? Why do you want to rebrand? The most common reasons to rebrand are:

  • Lack of customer awareness 
  • Change of direction of your business 
  • Confusing logo or brand messaging

A brand is a personality that identifies a product or service [source]

Lack of customer awareness can mean that people don't know who you are under your current brand and you believe a new brand will help to attract new customers.

Change of direction of your business could be anything from a change of your product offering or services, so your company name or logo design no longer reflects what you do.

Confusing logo or brand messaging is the most common reason companies choose to rebrand. If your logo or brand message don't reflect your company, a change may be good for you.

First impressions about your brand are formed within the first 10 seconds. [source]

Let's look at a sample case.

Copper Spoon (formerly Wine Down)

Wine Down had a prime location in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne and had an amazing offering of food and beverages. So what was the problem? Sales weren't as high as anticipated and the owners believed the brand name was holding them back.

JH Specialty worked to survey a variety of respondents who may be likely to visit Wine Down and learn their thoughts. 

The owners were correct. 

The majority of respondents hadn't visited Wine Down in at least 6 months, with 17% having never visited before. The most popular menu choices were wine, appetizers and desserts. The full dinner menu, plus a variety of cocktails and beer, were being missed by customers.

Survey results - last visit to Wine Down

The results of the survey gave the owners insight into public perception of their business and the confidence they needed to move forward with their rebranding initiatives. 

"In our first year as Copper Spoon, we experienced 47% growth from the prior year as Wine Down. It was so much more than we could have hoped for! Having a more inclusive brand identity was a game changer for us."
- Kelly Skeel

If you think rebranding is right for you and need some help either with the preliminary work or the full rebranding process, reach out via email and we'll be happy to help you through the process.