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Super Bowl Marketing Strategies

Super Bowl Marketing Strategies

What We Learned From This Year's Ads


What do JH Specialty, Jerseys, and Jennifer Lopez all have in common? That’s right, football! As avid sports fans, we couldn’t resist catching the Biggest Game of the Year. How big was it, you ask? Well, according to early statistics, about 102 million people tuned in.

Of course, we weren’t just watching to cheer on the Chiefs. We were also waiting for the commercials to see which advertising trends were going to dominate in 2020. So, if you got lost in the sea of ads, don’t worry. We did the hard work for you. In this article, we’ll round up the three brands that took their game to the next level.

Offense: Landing Pages

Many of the night’s biggest brands, including Pringles, Mountain Dew, and Amazon, all relied on humor for their ad strategy. One of the best examples of this was from Avocados from Mexico. For their segment, they created a special shopping network just for avocados. It offered all the best accessories, including hats, pool floats, and tents. But the real reason their commercial stood out was because of the powerful Digital Marketing tactics they incorporated to go along with it.

To boost their paid search efforts, they created a dedicated landing page. It encourages visitors to enter contests, peruse the site for quirky avocado products, and watch videos they created to expand on their Game Day ad. From their unique content to their optimized website, they set an example that every business should follow. 

Defense: SEO

Another popular trend was to draw the audience in through their emotions. Both Google and Microsoft opted to go this route. However, Olay was the clear winner. They recruited Busy Phillips, Lilly Singh, Nicole Stott, Taraji P. Henson, and Katie Couric to promote the advances of women in STEM fields.

For their landing page, they focused on an airtight SEO Strategy. The site is stuffed with meta elements that target both the brand itself as well as the Game. This ensures that it is easily discoverable and helped them earn a first page search ranking. On social, their custom hashtag, #MakeSpaceForWomen, is still trending across multiple sites. 

Special Teams: Social Media

Perhaps one of the most telling trends of the night came from TurboTax. The commercial itself was fairly straightforward. It featured everyday people realizing that they were capable of doing their own taxes. (While doing a catchy dance). Their campaign had all of the same pillars as our other top picks for the night. They have a great landing page, a presence on paid search and social ads, and perfectly placed internal links to foster engagement.

But, what truly set them apart was their decision to optimize their ad for TikTok. Their hashtag, #W2Step, inspired a surprising number of remixes and dance videos on the app. So far, they have had more than 100 million views and the number is still climbing. Their decision to create content aimed at TikTok is more than just a marketing effort. It is a sign that the app has become a power-player in the world of paid social networks. 


To wrap up, this year’s commercials provided some great insight into what customers are looking for in 2020. The brands that stood out all incorporated similar elements. They built dedicated landing pages, created a strong SEO strategy, and hired a team to manage real-time social interactions. We would also encourage businesses to start thinking outside the box. Yes, Facebook and Instagram are still important. But it would also be wise to start thinking about how your brand could fit into new networks as well, especially TikTok.

Are you ready to give your business a winning edge? You don’t have to wait for Game Day. Our experienced team members are always ready to help. Get in touch with us today to get started.