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Think Inside The Box

Think Inside The Box

Or better yet, think about the box!

You do your homework and create an awesome promotional product for a specific event. But did you think about the presentation of that product? How will the recipient receive the gift? 

Most likely you planned to just hand it out or toss it in a brown mailer box and send it on its way. Is that how things normally work when you give a gift in your personal life? No way ... you are wrapping that gift with love, picking out the perfect gift bag, coordinating the wrapping paper to the theme! You put as much thought into the presentation of that gift as the gift itself. It should be an experience for the occasion. Granted, grandpa isn't thinking that far when he reuses the comics to wrap your present, but that's a battle for another day.

Today we can focus on making your brand shine when gifting a promotional product. It's time to think inside the box ... or better yet, think about the box!

By creating a custom box for your gift you can add another layer of branding to the gift giving experience.

This example is from an online retailer who wanted customers to feel like they were part of an exclusive club when they placed an order. The matte black box with clear logo offer a subtle branded look which is sure to be noticed.

Members Only Box Example

Many times, you are limited by decoration options on your promotional product. Use the box as an extension of your brand. 

Custom Box and Tumbler

This customer went with a simple logo on the product itself, but made sure the packaging showcased the brand. A full color, custom box completes this gift.

Boxes are not only for drinkware -- you can use a box for any number of promotional items. 

Talk to your Account Manager today about adding a custom box to your next promotional products gift order.