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Is your Website Working Against You?

Is your Website Working Against You?

As our society is becoming more digital based and driven by technology, it is necessary for our clients to have a predominant presence on the Internet. Corporate website development is essential in today's electronic world but often times a website is not as effective as it should be. Ask yourself: are you getting everything you can out of your website or Is Your Website Working Against You?

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Of course your website is incredibly clear and easy to use... to the person who created it. While you totally understand that "the magic center" link is where someone goes to purchase your services, your potential clients may be left confused and scratching their heads. 

One of the most effective ways to gain insight to problems on your website is to observe someone actually using it. I can promise you will be surprised at where they go and the conclusions that they jump to. Make sure to take off your defensive armor because I have to warn you, this can be an uncomfortable exercise. 

This week I want you to find a local friend or family member and ask them to use your website. The less familiar they are with your site and your business in general, the better. Ask them to perform specific tasks and speak aloud their thought process as they do it. Instruct them to do whatever you would want a customer to do on your site. Do not give them any hints! The whole idea is to see if your website is easy enough to use to complete the task without guidance. Some examples of tasks your volunteer could preform include:

  • What service do I provide? 
  • What is my phone number?
  • Sign up for my newsletter.
  • Find the most popular product we sell.
  • Make an appointment for a free consultation or get a free online quote.

You can also have them look through each page of your site and give their feedback on what they understand and what they find confusing. Again, remember, defenses must be down, this is valuable information and insight they are providing that will help your business better reach its target audience. 

The more beneficial a visitors' time on your site; the more likely they will be to convert to a customer. They will also be more inclined to pass on the details of your business service because they understand it. Continuing to add high quality content will enable your search engine rankings to improve as well as branding, an increase in sales, and improved customer loyalty. 

So I ask you, Is Your Website Working Against You?