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Social Media Marketing Certified

Social Media Marketing Certified

Find out what this means for your company.

Social Media can be an invaluable aspect of any digital marketing strategy. Social Media provides an extra touch point for consumers to connect with a company, and it provides a way to reach even more potential customers. However, it must be executed correctly in order to reap these benefits. As a Certified Social Media Marketer, I am available to help you understand and optimize your social media profiles to successfully grow your online community.

The key to social media optimization is developing an action plan that aligns with your current business strategy. A great place to start is by performing a Social Media Audit that will assist with guiding the direction of your Social Media Strategy. It is important to understand your current digital advertising environment, before determining how to move forward. It is also important to set achievable strategic goals. The next step is developing a Content Strategy that will help with lead generation, community building, and brand recognition. It is also important to find a balance between quantity and quality. Once this is complete, you are ready to begin to use Paid Social Media Advertising in order to reach an even larger target market.

To ease the process of maintaining and growing multiple social media networks, we can assist your company with the setup process of Hootsuite. The Hootsuite platform improves efficiency by providing messaging scheduling and real-time analytics. This allows for your company to easily monitor multiple social media accounts in one single location. 

There are many different elements involved in creating and implementing a successful digital marketing strategy. Contact JH Specialty today to begin your path to social media success.