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Search Engines02

Search Engines

How are your customers and prospects finding your website?

A look at what search engines people prefer and what your customers are using to find you.

Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Agency02

Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Agency

JH as been a Google Partner since the program launched in 2013.

Creating Effective Landing Pages02

Creating Effective Landing Pages

Build content that converts.

Crafting an effective landing page can mean the difference between having a lead or having people leave your site.

Google Business Profile Must Dos02

Google Business Profile Must Dos

Here are four things you should be doing on your Google Business Profile.

Mobile Scroll02

Mobile Scroll

Mobile search results are changing

Google's mobile search is getting a much improved enhancement.

Bidding On Your Brand02

Bidding On Your Brand

A good use of spend or a waste?

If you are running a Google Ad campaign you've had to decide, should I have a campaign or ad group dedicated to bidding on your own brand name?

5 Tips for Starting an SEO Campaign02

5 Tips for Starting an SEO Campaign

Find out what it takes to see organic SERP success

An SEO Campaign can be difficult (and sometimes intimidating) to understand if you're not familiar with how it works and how it can affect your business. Here are some tips to keep in mind when investing in your own SEO campaign.

Is Remarketing Right for Your Business?02

Is Remarketing Right for Your Business?

Get a Second Shot at Previously Lost Conversions.

Not every website visitor is going to land you a sale or a valuable conversion. But with Remarketing, you can re-engage with your past website visitors and acquire previously missed conversions.

Paid Search Campaign Expectations02

Paid Search Campaign Expectations

You've heard that digital advertising is the way to go, but how do you know what you can really expect in ROI? Read and learn more about contributing and influencing factors that impact PPC campaigns.

Are Bing Ads Relevant?02

Are Bing Ads Relevant?

Bing Advertising is often seen as a waste of money. However, it may be an appropriate way to supplement your PPC strategy. Read more to find out if advertising on Bing is right for you.