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What Makes a Good Landing Page

What Makes a Good Landing Page

Landing pages are standalone pages that are designed to make a visitor into a potential new client or customer. These types of pages can be quite simple in messaging, but that is what makes them so effective as they only leave visitors with two options. They can either leave the page or they can complete the desired conversion action which could be:

  • Contact us form
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Watch a video
  • And more

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There are some key elements to consider while creating a landing page to improve metrics that matter most to you. Let’s dive into those below!

A Headline that Converts

The headline is typically the first item that someone will see on your landing page. Because of that, it needs to make an immediate impact. Your headline should be large enough so someone can read it clearly, and it should be catchy in content to captivate the reader’s attention. The headline should not be a complete sentence, it should be a few words that simply communicate the entirety of your message for your landing page. If necessary, use subheadings below the headline to reinforce your message with complete sentences.

Appealing Imagery

Capture your audience’s attention with an appealing image that represents with content of the landing page. Using images that are high-quality and relevant across your page is more appealing than big blocks of text. Images can tell a story; they can evoke emotions and create a connection with the visitor. This helps with communicating the overall message of the landing page. People also tend to remember visuals rather than text, so images can help visitors retain information better.

SEO-wise, make sure that your images are properly optimized as it can enhance your landing page’s SEO. Having the appropriate alt text and file name makes it more discoverable on the search engine results.

Compelling Content

You want your content to be compelling and persuasive so you can get your message across and hopefully convince your audience to convert. There are a few variables to consider when you are crafting your content. Those are the quality of information you are using, your writing style, and the formatting of your page.

Quality > Quantity

Value the information that you put on the page and just don’t fill the page with “fluff”. Quality is more important than quantity. Having too much content may overwhelm your readers, and they may end up leaving the page before getting to your desired action. It is beneficial to be mindful of the reader when creating a landing page and designing it in a way that is valuable for them.

Writing Style

There are many factors to consider when maximizing your landing page experience. Readers want to quickly understand what your landing page is about and how it benefits them. So being clear in your writing is simple, yet so valuable as it can lead to more conversions. Ensuring that your writing is polished and professional is a great way to establish credibility. This shows your audience that you took the time to create a proper landing page. If you are encouraging your audience to take specific action, it is vital that you make that clear. Being persuasive in your writing will allow your reader to complete the desired request.

Also, including relevant keywords, quality information, and making your page easy will not only improve the reader’s experience but can benefit your landing page’s search engine rankings. Clarifying what your page is about will help assist search engines as they’ll better understand your content.

Layout and Formatting

Someone should be able to scan through your page and get a gist of what the purpose of your page is. Using formatting techniques like bullet points, headings, lists, bold and italic fonts, etc. is impactful. Break certain points off by headlines or sections (like in this blog post) if necessary. Organization is key as you don’t want your landing page to be messy. That will easily lead to someone exiting the page.

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Remember, you are creating a page that addresses the needs and concerns of your visitors, so it is important to make the landing page with the perception of your audience in mind. A landing page can be curated to a specific campaign or goal that you are working on, so taking the time to develop your strategy and utilize the right assets will be crucial. We understand that creating a successful landing page can be a challenge, so if you have any questions please reach out to our team today.