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Updating Old Content

Updating Old Content

Once you write a blog, there is no need to go back to it…right? Well, there are some benefits to consider when you are wanting to repurpose old content. Maybe you missed something initially when you wrote a page or need to update a paragraph. In the marketing world, there is an old saying, “Content is king”. And if you want to have an online presence, producing quality content is vital. Updating old content allows you to revisit dated pages and provide thoughtful information that can make them relative again.

Benefits of Updating Old Content

Build on Customer Loyalty

You once created the page for a reason, there was value to the content you provided and just because time passes, it does not mean that page is not useful anymore. Attending to older pages on your page shows customers that you care for your content and are not just creating content for the sake of creating content.

Reach More People

You may reach an audience you didn’t reach previously. Either people who skipped over it the first time or those who just didn’t see it. In either scenario, there is a chance to increase your brand awareness and online following to a new audience that you may have missed in the first place.


Backlinks are important SEO-wise. Backlinking tells Google that your website is trustworthy and that your content is credible. If someone wants to link your content in their own work, they are going to want the information on the page to be recent. And vice versa, if you are wanting to backlink to a website, you would want that material to be relative as well.

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Unsure on What Pages to Update?

Pages With the Most Traffic

Using tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console will be helpful here. Both platforms are free to use and the metrics that can be analyzed are insightful. Updating past pages with fresh content is beneficial as it will help you rank higher organically on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and bring back traction to older popular pages. This way, the content is newer with more up-to-date studies and research.

Page With Links

Pages with the most traffic more than likely had some links. Either internal or external links, they need to be evaluated to see if they are still up to date as well. What we don’t need is a linked page to have an error. This is a frustrating experience for the user since they are trying to view a page that is no longer available. Below are some common HTTP errors:

  • 404 Error – This is where you will see the infamous “Page not found” message
  • 403 Error – Known as the “Forbidden” error
  • 505 Error – This is an internal server error 

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How Often Should I Review Old Content?

Checking content quarterly is beneficial as that will allow you to audit your older pages a few times a year. Really, it depends on how much content you have on your website and when it was posted. If you find it necessary to check on past content more frequently than suggested, then just remember my advice to not be creating content for the sake of creating content. There needs to be an intention as to why you are editing a certain page.

What Type of Content Should I Update?

Below is a list of items to consider updating when reviewing old content:

  • Pictures/videos
  • Quotes
  • Internal/external links
  • Formatting/spacing
  • Update keywords
  • Spot-check data and update where necessary