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Creating Effective Landing Pages02 Gray Flag

Creating Effective Landing Pages

Build content that converts.

Crafting an effective landing page can mean the difference between having a lead or having people leave your site.

Ecommerce Pre-Shopping02 Gray Flag

Ecommerce Pre-Shopping

What does it mean for retailers?

Consumers are engaging in webrooming, or researching online before buying in stores, find out what this means for your business.

Net Promoter Score02 Gray Flag

Net Promoter Score

How the JH Team Uses NPS

Net Promoter Score or NPS, is a tool we use to keep track of client satisfaction. Learn more about why and how we use this one question survey.

2022 Trends to Watch02 Gray Flag

2022 Trends to Watch

Here are five trends that we are closely watching in 2022.

Redesigning Product Packaging02 Gray Flag

Redesigning Product Packaging

Should you consider redesigning your product packaging?

As a business owner, designer, marketing specialist, or any other position in a product-based business, how do you know if it is time to redesign your product packaging? What are design aspects to keep in mind when redesigning packaging?

New Brand Breakdown02 Gray Flag

New Brand Breakdown

Making the new JH logo, plus the hidden symbolism

We explain what went into making the new JH logo and some of the hidden symbolism.

Is Ecommerce Right For You?02 Gray Flag

Is Ecommerce Right For You?

Discover if your B2B or B2C business needs an ecommerce website.

We’ve got some big news.02 Gray Flag

We’ve got some big news.

A new look for the JH brand.

Over the course of the last twenty-plus years, JH Specialty went from being a small promotional products business to a full-service web development and traditional marketing company. In recognition of this steady growth, John decided that the time had come for a new brand mark.

Is Remarketing Right for Your Business?02 Gray Flag

Is Remarketing Right for Your Business?

Get a Second Shot at Previously Lost Conversions.

Not every website visitor is going to land you a sale or a valuable conversion. But with Remarketing, you can re-engage with your past website visitors and acquire previously missed conversions.

Questions to Ask about Your Social Management Strategy02 Gray Flag

Questions to Ask about Your Social Management Strategy

Learn some useful questions you should ask when partnering with a Marketing Agency.