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2023 Trends to Watch02 Gray Flag

2023 Trends to Watch

Here are four trends that we are closely watching in 2023.

How to Build a Social Following02 Gray Flag

How to Build a Social Following

Learn how to build a follower base for your new social account and cement your brands presence on social media.

What You Missed at HubSpot Inbound 202202 Gray Flag

What You Missed at HubSpot Inbound 2022

Learn the hot topics discussed at this year's conference if you weren't able to attend.

6 Strategies to Create Holiday Retail Success in 202202 Gray Flag

6 Strategies to Create Holiday Retail Success in 2022

We've got 6 strategies to try out this holiday season to guarantee success with your retail business.

Rules of Email Engagement02 Gray Flag

Rules of Email Engagement

Sending emails can be tricky business if you aren't following the rules. Learn what you should be doing and shouldn't be doing to stay compliant.

Life After the Website Launch02 Gray Flag

Life After the Website Launch

Congratulations on launching your website! Do you have a plan for what happens next?

3 Email Trends You Can Try Right Now02 Gray Flag

3 Email Trends You Can Try Right Now

With email marketing more popular than ever, it leaves businesses wondering ... how can brand emails stand out?

Creating Effective Landing Pages02 Gray Flag

Creating Effective Landing Pages

Build content that converts.

Crafting an effective landing page can mean the difference between having a lead or having people leave your site.

Ecommerce Pre-Shopping02 Gray Flag

Ecommerce Pre-Shopping

What does it mean for retailers?

Consumers are engaging in webrooming, or researching online before buying in stores, find out what this means for your business.

Net Promoter Score02 Gray Flag

Net Promoter Score

How the JH Team Uses NPS

Net Promoter Score or NPS, is a tool we use to keep track of client satisfaction. Learn more about why and how we use this one question survey.