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Creating Effective Landing Pages

Creating Effective Landing Pages

Build content that converts.

Are you running ads and still sending users to your homepage?

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Try creating a landing page instead! Unlike a homepage, a landing page is an independent web page, disconnected from your site's main navigation, that's created for the sole purpose of convincing a user to act.

Why does this matter? Campaigns with dedicated landing pages convert a high percentage of visitors into leads!

More Leads = Higher ROI

Now that you understand what a landing page is, let's get started on creating one for your campaign!

First Things First

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Before you write any content, you need to determine what conversion action you'd like users to take. This might be submitting a form or making a call. Whatever action you choose, make it the focus of your landing page! Nothing loses a users attention faster than competing sets of information.

Also, make sure the copy in your ads matches the information found on your landing page. Google will reward you with a higher quality score and page ranking!

Emphasize Your Point

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When planning out your landing page design, remember to keep things simple and clean. All information on the page should be clearly laid out with plenty of negative space. Use contrasting colors and font sizes to emphasize different elements and create hierarchy in your content.

Think of your landing page like a large funnel that points the user towards your desired action. Take care to minimize distractions by eliminating any irrelevant external links, pop-ups, and ads.

Write With Purpose

If you read The Keep regularly, then you're probably already an expert at writing engaging social content. Copywriting for a landing page shares some similarities, but there a few tips you'll want to keep in mind:

  1. Write attention grabbing headlines and subheadings. Users often skim down landing pages to find sections they'd like to read.
  2. Keep your body copy short and to the point. Consider questions that users might have about the product or service you're selling and give them the answers they need.
  3. Create a clear call to action! Don't make your offer ambiguous, use phrases like Join Now, Sign-Up, or Get Started.
  4. Finally, don't forget to include contact information like an email address, phone number, or contact form.

Picture This

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Creative visuals like product images, gifs, or short videos can really elevate your written content. Keep your target audience in mind to determine which visuals are right for your page.

Need help finding images? Try using stock photography!

Send It Out

Now that you've set your goals, written content, and added images, it's time to build awareness around your landing page. Create an ad, share a social post, or include a link in your next email blast! With any luck, you'll start seeing conversions in no time.

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