Sweeney Law Firm Website02 Gray Flag

Sweeney Law Firm Website

Learn about the launch of the Sweeney Law Firm Website

JH Specialty is happy to announce the launch of a new responsive website for Sweeney Law Firm.

YLNI Board of Directors02 Gray Flag

YLNI Board of Directors

Patrick Florea is appointed to YLNI Board

Patrick Florea is one of fifteen emerging leaders have been appointed to the Board of Directors of Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana (YLNI) in the role of Vice President, Fund Development.

The USSI Websites02 Gray Flag

The USSI Websites

Learn about the launch of 4 USSI websites

​JH Specialty launched 4 new websites for Ultra Electronics USSI.

Vision Scapes Website 02 Gray Flag

Vision Scapes Website

Learn about the launch of the Vision Scapes website

​JH Specialty launched a new responsive website for Vision Scapes.

2016 Adfed Award Results02 Gray Flag

2016 Adfed Award Results

The results of this years Advertising Federation Awards

Once a year we put ourselves, and our work, out there for our peers from other areas of the country to critique and judge. Here is a quick recap of what they had to say.

MedPartners Website02 Gray Flag

MedPartners Website

Learn about the launch of the MedPartners Website

JH Specialty combined 3 websites and built a responsive website for multiple user groups for MedPartners.

Our Unique Hiring Approach02 Gray Flag

Our Unique Hiring Approach

An interview by Counselor Magazine

In today’s fast-paced business world, John Henry III has some advice when it comes to hiring the best people for your company: slow down.

Best Places to Work Accolade02 Gray Flag

Best Places to Work Accolade

National Attention for 8th Year in a Row

Although, JH Specialty has always been a strong contender on Counselor Magazine's Best Places to Work, they do not take this award for granted. For the eighth year in a row, JH Specialty has been included in Counselor Magazine's list of the "Best Places to Work." This year, JH Specialty ranks number 19 out of the 75 U.S. companies earning honors.

A Specialty for Success02 Gray Flag

A Specialty for Success

A Business People Magazine Profile on John Henry III

John Henry III’s energy is palpable. Knowledgeable and personable, he gives a guided tour of the wunderkind business he started at age 20 in his college dorm room. Fifteen years later, it’s in a 17,000 square-foot office with a team of over 30 diversely talented people.

Current Mechanical Website02 Gray Flag

Current Mechanical Website

Learn about the launch of the Current Mechanical website

JH Specialty launched a new responsive website for Current Mechanical.