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Mobile Is Center Of Customer Journey

Mobile Is Center Of Customer Journey

How your Google Partner can help you focus on mobile

Recently we participated in a Google Partner Event focused on mobile. It should be no surprise mobile is dominating the search market and that more and more customers are finding you through their mobile phones.

79% of consumers use their phones for research

Have you thought about what a visitor to your site sees on their mobile device?

While design and functionality of your site on a mobile device are important, more importantly still may be speed and performance. The average site loads in 9 seconds on 3G speeds.

The average attention span of a human is 8 seconds. The average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds. Don't build your site for goldfish.

Website Infographic

Keep in mind that first time visitors to your site may have a different experience than you have after visiting day after day. This is why it's super important to use tools to analyze your mobile site performance.

If you really want to up your mobile performance, consider integrating AMP into your site. AMP allows you to strip down the content on your site and experience faster load times for your content. The idea is to get mobile traffic to the information they want as quickly as possible. 

In order to attract customers searching on a mobile device it is necessary to follow these three steps:

  1. Measure - Tracking those who visit your site with conversions.
  2. Attribute - Which touch point gets credit for the conversion?
  3. Act - Time to make a decision!

Let's dig into each.


What happens when a user gets to your site? It's more than just your impressions, clicks and ad engagement that matter. We like to refer to conversions as a positive action on the site. This can be anything from online purchases to videos played ... any positive engagement with the content on your site should be tracked!


Most people are searching over multiple days and over multiple devices. Attribution allows you to connect each touch point together to determine what was most influential in making the final decision or purchase. Google is releasing a new multi-channel attribution method, aptly named, Google Attribution, in 2018. Most companies are using a last-click attribution model which means that whatever the last click that occurred before the decision/purchase gets all the credit. Some times the first click or one in the middle contributed to the decision making process and shouldn't be forgotten. 


Now that you have all your insights, what do you do? The key factors in optimizing your conversions are:

  • leverage smart bidding
  • expand your generic keywords
  • increase your mobile bids
  • don't be constrained by budget

Use what you've learned to drive decisions and allow your AdWords campaign to work smarter.

As always, as a Google Partner, we are qualified to help increase your mobile presence and we'd love to start the conversation with you.