Plan Ahead for Gift Giving02 Gray Flag

Plan Ahead for Gift Giving

Ordering early and allowing for flexibility will be key factors in your promo product gift giving success this year.

Facebook Lead Ads Explained02 Gray Flag

Facebook Lead Ads Explained

Generate more leads for your business

Regardless of the industry or product they are selling, every business can benefit from having more qualified leads.

Favorite / Most Used Apps02 Gray Flag

Favorite / Most Used Apps

JH team members share their favorite apps

As a technology-based marketing company we know a thing or two about apps. Hear which ones top the list for our team members.

Bishop Dwenger Launches New Website02 Gray Flag

Bishop Dwenger Launches New Website

JH designed and developed the previous Bishop Dwenger website in 2015. After six years it was time to make one major enhancement to the site ... make it mobile friendly.

In The Mix Featuring John Henry III02 Gray Flag

In The Mix Featuring John Henry III

A personal and professional podcast

Have you ever wondered how JH was started? This podcast touches on an array of topics and has received positive feedback from listeners.

Leadership Training Goes Virtual02 Gray Flag

Leadership Training Goes Virtual

How Cardinal Glass Pivoted to Digital Learning

See how we helped Cardinal Glass go from in-person training to custom online learning system designed and developed to their growing needs.

A/B Testing02 Gray Flag

A/B Testing

What you need you to know

You've probably heard the term A/B Testing. But what does it mean? Why would you use it? How do you even do it? Find the answers to these questions and more.

5 Tips for Starting an SEO Campaign02 Gray Flag

5 Tips for Starting an SEO Campaign

Find out what it takes to see organic SERP success

An SEO Campaign can be difficult (and sometimes intimidating) to understand if you're not familiar with how it works and how it can affect your business. Here are some tips to keep in mind when investing in your own SEO campaign.

My Experience as a Digital Marketing Intern02 Gray Flag

My Experience as a Digital Marketing Intern

A Post from Kaylee Wolford

Internships are a unique and special experience not many people get the opportunity of doing. Amongst several companies I could have chosen for an internship, I am super glad I chose to pursue JH to gain digital marketing and social media experience.

Stick 'em Up02 Gray Flag

Stick 'em Up

Custom sticker sheets are a fun way to share your brand with customers and potential customers. From schools to banks, everyone can get in on this trend.