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Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Agency

Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Agency

JH has been a Google Partner since the program launched in 2013. While we are proud to have held this recognition for so long, many still don't understand what it means.

Google Partner

What is a Google Partner?

The Google Partner status is earned by a company for meeting various criteria as it relates to Google Ads knowledge and account management. There are three criteria we are required to meet to maintain our status:

  1. Performance: A minimum optimization score of 70%.
  2. Spend: Maintain a 90-day ad spend of $10,000 across all managed accounts.
  3. Certification: A minimum of 50% of your account strategists certified in Google Ads with at least 1 certification in each product area with a campaign spend of $500 or more (example: Search, Display, Video, Shopping, Apps).

How does JH stack up in the requirements?

Performance: Our optimization score ranges from 72-85% on any given month.

Spend: At the time of writing, JH is managing over $1,400,000 (annually) in spend across our accounts.

Certification: We have 5 certified team members in Search, Display, Video and/or Shopping.

What are the benefits of working with a Google Partner Agency?

Aside from the obvious benefit of being experts in Google's eyes as it relates to Ads, utilizing a Google Partner Agency for your campaign means we are staying up to date on the latest trends and features. We have a dedicated team that is ready to tackle any obstacle Google throws our way.

Google Partners get first access to beta tools before the public can use them. This means the newest features can be applied to your campaign before your competitors get a chance to use them. Who doesn't love a good competitive edge?!

Google Partners also get the opportunity to work directly with Google. This allows our team access to Ads experts to help strategize on tricky campaigns and troubleshoot any account issues.

Other Bonuses

Google offers Rewards to their Partners. This means we can cash in our points for fun things for our office and those visiting us. Next time you stop in be sure to swing by the candy machine and ask us to pop a fresh batch of popcorn!

Google Partner Candy Machine