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‘Spring Clean’ Your Website?02 Gray Flag

‘Spring Clean’ Your Website?

Keeping Your Website Relevant

In the digital age, your website may be the first touch point for potential customers. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your website is a living, breathing extension of your brand.

Google My Business Verification02 Gray Flag

Google My Business Verification

Helping businesses navigate these waters

Google My Business is a powerful tool provided by Google to help businesses manage their map and often times organic listing profile. Some businesses find verification to be cumbersome. Google announced an expedited option through Thursday, December 15th.

JH at the Google Partner Summit02 Gray Flag

JH at the Google Partner Summit

A recap of the exclusive Google Partners event

JH Specialty was invited to attend this year’s Google Partners Summit in San Francisco. Only the digital agencies that push for innovative solutions, launch exciting campaigns for new clients, and help others grow their business on the web are invited. Around 900 of the brightest minds in digital marketing from all over the world gathered to brainstorm and share ideas on ways to improve the digital experience and ROI for clients. Google picking up the tab was a pretty nice perk as well.

Device Search Independence 02 Gray Flag

Device Search Independence

Google announces a separate index based on device

We all saw it coming but now it is official. Google has always been in the business of providing the best search results. Now they are looking at what device you are searching with.