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Taking the First Steps to ADA Compliance02 Gray Flag

Taking the First Steps to ADA Compliance

An Accessible New World

Evaluating your website in comparison to ADA Guidelines is a daunting task. Let's walk through it together.

MOCE vs Shopify02 Gray Flag

MOCE vs Shopify

A Comparison of Platforms

Exploring the differences between a MOCE website and a Shopify website.

Make the Logo Bigger02 Gray Flag

Make the Logo Bigger

The Reasons Behind the Request

Designers get asked this request far too often, but what is the real issue going on here?

MOCE vs Magento02 Gray Flag

MOCE vs Magento

A Comparison of Platforms

Exploring the differences between a MOCE website and a Magento website.

A Guide to Brand Guides02 Gray Flag

A Guide to Brand Guides

With Real-World Examples

Learn what a brand guide is, if you need one, what to include, and even how to distribute style guides.

Is Your Logo Responsive-Ready?02 Gray Flag

Is Your Logo Responsive-Ready?

How the Smartphone Revolution Has Impacted Branding

Can your logo scale well from a giant outdoor ad, to a small navigation bar on a mobile website?

Enhancing UX with Heat Maps02 Gray Flag

Enhancing UX with Heat Maps

Using Heat Maps to Influence Design Decisions

Heat maps help identify problems with website structure by collecting metrics on user clicks, scrolling, and hovering.

Think Before You Launch02 Gray Flag

Think Before You Launch

Have you made the right moves before launching a new website?

Before you hit "launch" make sure you consider these key factors for website success

Why Choose MOCE? 02 Gray Flag

Why Choose MOCE?

What is MOCE?

MOCE is our ecommerce platform. With all the options available out-of-the-box, why should your business choose MOCE?