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PolyMod Technologies Gets New Look and New Site

PolyMod Technologies Gets New Look and New Site

What better way to start a new year than with a new look? That's exactly what the JH team was able to provide to PolyMod Technologies.

PolyMod Technologies engineers sealing solutions in the most demanding applications, and has established their name in the industry for over 33 years. After decades of quality projects, PolyMod knew it was time to rebrand, so they partnered with JH.

PolyMod Before and After Logo Redesign

Overall, they wanted a new look that brought their logo up to speed in terms of design to highlight their advanced technical capabilities. The main focus of the logo was to symbolize their specialty low-friction sealing process while producing undertones of a small, friendly company that their customers can easily do business with.

PolyMod Logo Explanation

PolyMod wanted to move away from its current cyan hue into more of a true blue while also adding an icon to its logo. JH created a logo that modernizes their previous look while keeping aspects of their history. The icon represents a variety of symbols, including low-friction, the letters “P” and “d”, and an O-ring seal, while the logotype “PolyMod” points to their previous two-toned logotype. The logo redesign refreshed its status as a crucial technical player in the industry.

PolyMod New Brand

Now that the logo was complete, it was time to give a facelift to the website. Previously, security and reliability were an issue with the PolyMod website. And when the site was working, it wasn't doing a good job telling the unique benefits the products offer. By combining best practices for security, design, and SEO into the new site, JH was able to provide PolyMod with a website that would attract new customers. 

PolyMod New Website

The excitement doesn't stop there, what good is a new site if you aren't actively doing anything to get people to the site? PolyMod and the JH team have strategized an SEO (search engine optimization) campaign that will help the website drive new traffic for years to come. This strategy won't happen overnight, you can read more about SEO expectations here, but it will ensure fresh content and an error-free experience for all site visitors.

"At PolyMod we have a history of more than 30 years of developing and delivering application-critical sealing solutions across a wide range of industry segments, to carry on this tradition, I believed it was time to refresh and rebrand the company’s image to align with our vision for the future of PolyMod. The new icon represents our PolyMod process which provides unequaled low friction across an unlimited number of applications. Our name remains the same, but the refreshed logo and new icon is representative of our mission to be a reliable business partner to our current and future customers. " - Brian Cater, President at PolyMod Technologies