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MOCE vs Magento

MOCE vs Magento

A Comparison of Platforms

This is part 2 of our "MOCE Versus" series. Click here to go back and read MOCE vs WooCommerce if you missed the first installment.

If you aren't familiar with MOCEthis is a good place to start. Now that you understand the basics, let's dive into another comparison, this time looking at MOCE vs Magneto.

Update InstallationHandled by the MOCE team with little to no downtimeManual, performed by the client with anticipated downtime
Mobile ResponsivenessBuilt-in and fully supportedUnoptimized, requires code updates for best results
Website DesignTailored to your businessTemplated with pre-built themes
Loading TimesOptimized for speedDepends on plugin usage
Source CodeClosedOpen
Documentation & SupportDedicated support team with training materialsLimited availability
3rd Party APIsRobust optionsLimited functionality
AnalyticsAdvanced trackingLacks key abilities
SEO FeaturesComes standard with extensive controlsLimited controls
SecurityZero breaches112 vulnerabilities since 2015

Let's take a look at what some of these could mean for your business.

Installing Updates

If you are getting regular platform updates with MOCE, our team handles all the heavy lifting and when done properly you don't know anything even happened. But with a Magento website, an installation of a new update can take your site down for a day or more and requires you (or your web team) to be an active participant. This is the type of message your site visitors can expect while you are performing the upgrade. 

Website Design

Having a website that is tailored to your business is the key to success. Customizing your ecommerce experience to match your branding and showcase what matters most is what every business owner is looking for. With MOCE, you are paired with one of our talented designers to bring your brand to life. On Magento, you need to select from a pre-built theme to build your website. While there are a ton of themes available, finding one that matches your branding and what you want to showcase probably means you'll have to make some concessions on what gets left out.


Having good SEO can be a huge traffic source for ecommerce websites. While your MOCE website is built with SEO best practices in mind, the options are a little more involved for a Magento site to work properly. Duplicate content with faceted navigation and lack of blog functionality are the two biggest concerns for a Magento site as it relates to SEO. Knowing where to access the tools necessary for making updates will be your biggest struggle. Read more about managing SEO tools on a Magneto site here.

Choosing an ecommerce platform is one of the most impactful choices you will make when deciding to sell online. If you think MOCE may be a good fit for your business, we'd love to talk to you