Enhancing UX with Heat Maps02 Gray Flag

Enhancing UX with Heat Maps

Using Heat Maps to Influence Design Decisions

Heat maps help identify problems with website structure by collecting metrics on user clicks, scrolling, and hovering.

Giddy Up and Grow... with Promo!02 Gray Flag

Giddy Up and Grow... with Promo!

Learn how the 2023 Spherion National Meeting was brought to life with promo!

The New 'E' in 'E-E-A-T'02 Gray Flag

The New 'E' in 'E-E-A-T'

Hope you're hungry!

Google has introduced new ranking factors in their E-E-A-T guidelines.

Getting Reviews on Google02 Gray Flag

Getting Reviews on Google

Learn about the importance of Google Reviews and how you can increase your brand reputation online

Think Before You Launch02 Gray Flag

Think Before You Launch

Have you made the right moves before launching a new website?

Before you hit "launch" make sure you consider these key factors for website success

Keyword Research - The Tools of the Trade02 Gray Flag

Keyword Research - The Tools of the Trade

Keyword research is the study of user search queries use in search engines and provides insights about your target audience.

Why Choose MOCE? 02 Gray Flag

Why Choose MOCE?

What is MOCE?

MOCE is our ecommerce platform. With all the options available out-of-the-box, why should your business choose MOCE?

Meet The Teams02 Gray Flag

Meet The Teams

While JH is one big team, there are many teams here that people may not realize are hard at work behind your project.

AI Content Creation02 Gray Flag

AI Content Creation

Answers to Your Most-Asked Questions

‚ÄčThere's no doubt about it, AI content creation is the topic of conversation right now. Many people are asking questions, and we've got the answers!

What is Domain Authority?02 Gray Flag

What is Domain Authority?

Why is it important?

Learn more about the correlation between Domain Authority (DA) and your search rankings.