A Guide to Brand Guides02 Gray Flag

A Guide to Brand Guides

With Real-World Examples

Learn what a brand guide is, if you need one, what to include, and even how to distribute style guides.

Amazon and Why It's Great Marketing02 Gray Flag

Amazon and Why It's Great Marketing

By utilizing Amazon, your brand can thrive where your customers are looking for you. Learn Amazon Store tips and the features that can make your brand shine.

How a Challenge Led to Growth02 Gray Flag

How a Challenge Led to Growth

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how we brought our client's vision to life!

Best Practices for Writing Blogs02 Gray Flag

Best Practices for Writing Blogs

Learn how to create a company blog that's compelling and engaging for your readers.

Is Your Logo Responsive-Ready?02 Gray Flag

Is Your Logo Responsive-Ready?

How the Smartphone Revolution Has Impacted Branding

Can your logo scale well from a giant outdoor ad, to a small navigation bar on a mobile website?

10 Non-Transactional Emails You Could Be Sending02 Gray Flag

10 Non-Transactional Emails You Could Be Sending

Email is one of the strongest ways to connect. You should be using email strategically to reach out and stay top of mind to your customer and prospect base.

Crafting Lasting Employee Experiences02 Gray Flag

Crafting Lasting Employee Experiences

The Power of Welcome Gifts

When it comes to building a thriving and motivated workforce, creating memorable experiences for employees is paramount. One impactful way to achieve this is by using employee welcome gifts.

Website Launch: Deister Concentrator02 Gray Flag

Website Launch: Deister Concentrator

JH created a new website for Deister Concentrator that shows off their unique value propositions and helps tell their story.

AI at JH02 Gray Flag

AI at JH

Leveraging New Technology

AI is everywhere you turn and our teams are staying on top of the latest technology.

Google Marketing Live 2023 Highlights02 Gray Flag

Google Marketing Live 2023 Highlights

Let's recap some of the important updates from the Google Marketing Live Conference and what it means for advertisers and users alike