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Instagram Features You Might Have Not Known About

Instagram Features You Might Have Not Known About

Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape that continues to grow further into the future every day. Some days you think you finally have a grasp on everything and then the next thing you know, there is a new layout or feature. Here are some of the latest Instagram features that have been slowly rolling out to businesses and creators.

Broadcast Channels

Broadcast channels are an effective tool for businesses and creators to reach out to their followers and engage with their biggest fans. Think of it like a text messaging platform, providing an opportunity to share updates quickly. Using broadcast channels, businesses and creators can upload text, photos, videos, and voice notes.

Instagram is constantly working on improving broadcast channels. They are currently considering adding features such as the ability to invite another creator to the channel to discuss upcoming collaborations or collect questions for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with question prompts. Currently, only a few accounts on Instagram have access to broadcast channels. However, Instagram plans to test broadcast channels on Messenger and Facebook in the future.

Meta Channel example


Are you curious about what your friends are doing? Well, Instagram is trying to change that by providing users with a way to express themselves through short posts of up to 60 characters or less using text, looping videos, and emojis. During the testing phase, Meta discovered that users enjoyed having a simple and easy way to share their thoughts and start conversations. Whether it's asking for the best place to eat (please send me your recommendations) or sharing what they're up to, Notes give people a casual and spontaneous way to express themselves and connect.

Instagram Notes example 


We all have our favorite group chat with our friends, but have you ever thought about creating your own group Instagram profile? Groups are a way for you to collaborate and share content on a single page with your closest friends.

Want to create a group but not sure what it should be about? Here are some of my favorite groups I’ve seen:

  • OOTD – Share your outfit with the girls or guys and create a curated feed of all of your best looks.
  • Our Pets – Who doesn't need a feed dedicated to the best pets they know?
  • Walk Views – Motivate and share your walks with your walking pals.

Instagram Groups example


Instagram has made some significant changes to its messaging features recently. Out of all the changes, I like two of them the most: the ability to edit messages and the option to turn off read receipts.

Instagram edit message example

With the editing feature, you can now fix typos or rephrase a message that after you read it a few times you still want to change, up to 15 minutes after sending it.

Read Receipts let the sender know that their message has been read. But now, you can choose to turn read receipts on or off for specific chats or everyone.

Instagram read receipts

Instagram continues to evolve with new features designed to enhance user experiences and engagement. From the introduction of broadcast channels for businesses and creators to the introduction of Notes for casual expression, and the ability to form groups for shared interests, the platform offers a diverse array of tools for connection and expression. Additionally, recent updates to messaging, such as the ability to edit messages and control read receipts, enable users with greater control over their interactions. As digital marketing landscapes change, staying informed and adapting to these changes is key to leveraging Instagram's full potential for businesses and creators alike.