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MOCE vs WooCommerce02 Gray Flag

MOCE vs WooCommerce

A Comparison of Platforms

Exploring the differences between a MOCE website and a WooCommerce website.

Is Your Logo Responsive-Ready?02 Gray Flag

Is Your Logo Responsive-Ready?

How the Smartphone Revolution Has Impacted Branding

Can your logo scale well from a giant outdoor ad, to a small navigation bar on a mobile website?

Website Launch: Deister Concentrator02 Gray Flag

Website Launch: Deister Concentrator

JH created a new website for Deister Concentrator that shows off their unique value propositions and helps tell their story.

AI at JH02 Gray Flag

AI at JH

Leveraging New Technology

AI is everywhere you turn and our teams are staying on top of the latest technology.

Introducing: Culturecruit02 Gray Flag

Introducing: Culturecruit

A new approach to recruiting

The success of our unique approach to recruiting has led to a new brand name under the JH umbrella.

Memorable Projects02 Gray Flag

Memorable Projects

We work on hundreds of projects every year. We asked a few JH team members to share one project that really stood out to them.

Greatest Companies To Work For 202302 Gray Flag

Greatest Companies To Work For 2023

JH achieves international recognition from PPAI.

Website Refresh: AALCO Distributing Co.02 Gray Flag

Website Refresh: AALCO Distributing Co.

JH designed and developed the AALCO site 10 years ago, and some elements withstood the test of time, but others needed to go to make way for more important and more relevant information.

Our First 90 Days02 Gray Flag

Our First 90 Days

Starting a new job isn't easy. So we asked our two new Account Managers Zach & Marty to share their first 90 day experience at JH.

Why Choose MOCE? 02 Gray Flag

Why Choose MOCE?

What is MOCE?

MOCE is our ecommerce platform. With all the options available out-of-the-box, why should your business choose MOCE?