Stuart ReedStuart Reed
Stuart Reed Warehouse Specialist

Work horse of the warehouse. Fulfills orders with dedication and a positive attitude. Handles light maintenance to keep our place looking sharp. Passionate about camping, fishing, shooting, and the outdoors. Enjoys working out in his home-gym and training friends and family.

    • Pizza TimeBBQ Chicken
    • MovieAvengers: Infinity War and Endgame
    Valerie  MillerValerie  Miller
    Valerie Miller Sales Admin Support Specialist

    Keeps us in line while handling accounts, customer service, logistics, a bit of sales, and anything thrown her way. Office mom. Passionate about our family-like atmosphere. Part-time business professor. Patron of the arts. Lets us taste test her recipes. Disney aficionado. JH team member since 2007

      • Pizza TimeDiced Pepperoni from the Acme
      • MovieWhite Christmas
      Harrison DiedrichHarrison Diedrich
      Harrison Diedrich Digital Marketing Specialist

      Keeper of Google acronyms. Builds successful digital campaigns. Always learning the newest internet trends. Fitness enthusiast. Uncanny ability to recall movie lines and actors' work history.

        • Pizza TimeSupreme
        • MovieThe Dark Knight
        Morgan LewisMorgan Lewis
        Morgan Lewis Director of Human Relations

        HR mastermind. Resume reader. Unofficial psychologist, lawyer, event and career planner. Passionate about hiring the right people. Lip-sync battle participant for an audience of 25k.

          • Pizza TimeSupreme w/Pan Crust
          • MovieSpiderman: No Way Home
          Gay PenlandGay Penland
          Gay Penland Bookkeeping Specialist

          Handles accounts payable and accounts receivable like a boss. Master organizer of the records. Like a Dalmatian she love fire hydrants. Spends her free time volunteering with and summers painting hydrants.

            • Pizza TimePepperoni
            • MovieWhat Dreams May Come
            Chris CampbellChris Campbell
            Chris Campbell Web Project Manager

            Web savvy. Detail gatherer. Document creator. Assists our talented web team in delivering outstanding results for our customers. Loves woodworking (except sanding), IU Basketball and the Detroit Tigers.

              • Pizza TimePepperoni
              • MovieShawshank Redemption or The Martian
              Craig  SwansonCraig  Swanson
              Craig Swanson Director of EMT

              Wizard of system/network administration and virtual computing. Creates, maintains, and monitors the physical and virtual web. Works with our customers to build reliable, scalable solutions. Loves adventuring with his family. Guitar builder/player. Pilot. Mountain man at heart.

                • Pizza TimeLots of veggies, please!
                • MovieThe Princess Bride
                Lucas SmithLucas Smith
                Lucas Smith Program Manager

                Focused on client success through building impactful relationships. Strives to be a servant leader. Born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN. Married to his beautiful wife, Courtney and has two amazing daughters. Serves in different areas at his church. Enjoys running and cycling.

                • Email
                • Pizza TimePepperoni
                • MovieDumb & Dumber
                Alex FosnaughAlex Fosnaugh
                Alex Fosnaugh Intern

                Avid learner. Gatherer of new skills. Business major. Junior at Indiana University. Frequent golfer. Won't go near asparagus.

                  • Pizza TimePepperoni
                  • MovieRevenge of the Sith
                  Carissa CastillejaCarissa Castilleja
                  Carissa Castilleja Digital Marketing Specialist

                  A/B testing whiz. Lifelong learner. In a love-hate relationship with social media. Loves building campaigns. Frequent concert goer. Born in England. Recently moved from South Dakota.

                    • Pizza TimeChicken Alfredo
                    • MovieElf
                    Adam NoyesAdam Noyes
                    Adam Noyes Systems Administrator

                    Corporate IT expert. Answers our endless technology questions. Collector of new skills. Loves a fall day outside with his family. Grew up in Steuben County, but doesn't know how to swim.

                      • Pizza TimeSupreme
                      • MovieNational Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
                      Camellia KahkolaCamellia Kahkola
                      Camellia Kahkola Account Manager

                      Relationship builder. Searcher of the perfect promo products. Customer service champ. Enjoys canoeing. Green thumb in the garden. Avid volunteer for at least 5 different organizations at any given time.

                        • Pizza TimeGluten Free Veggie
                        • MovieAny of Nicholas Sparks' Movies
                        Jared WintereggJared Winteregg
                        Jared Winteregg Program Manager

                        Advocate and pursuer of client success, particularly related to our omni-channel commerce program. Expertly juggles projects and timelines to help our customers achieve their tech goals. Husband, musician, and World of Warcraft enthusiast.

                          • Pizza TimeAuthentic New York Slice
                          • MovieDemolition Man / Diehard
                          James AndersonJames Anderson
                          James Anderson Senior Developer

                          Front-end wizard. Detail-noticer. Transforms designs into epic websites and emails. Passionate about custom Nerf launchers and JH movie nights. Secret identity: Cookie Monster.

                          • LinkedIn
                          • Steam
                          • Pizza TimeMushroom, Onion, Green Pepper, Pepperoni, & Sausage
                          • MovieJust one? Courageous
                          Shawn BarthShawn Barth
                          Shawn Barth Full Stack Web Developer

                          Full Stack Developer who loves problem solving and making a positive impact. Happily married to his wife, Katie. Passionate about gardening, video games, kayaking, beer & wine. Smart Home Enthusiast.

                            • Pizza TimeThe 800-Degree
                            • MovieSolo: A Star Wars Story
                            Alex BakerAlex Baker
                            Alex Baker Digital Marketing Specialist

                            Builds digital campaigns. Google and LinkedIn ad guru. Goal oriented. Soccer coach and gym enthusiast. Identical twin to Max (Alex is older by 1 hr, 20 mins).

                              • Pizza TimeCheese
                              • MovieThe Other Guys
                              John  Henry Jr. John  Henry Jr.
                              John Henry Jr. Semi-Retired

                              Champion of sales and customer service for our promotional products team. Passionate about client success and quality service. Enjoys golf, bowling, and the outdoors. Started his career in radio and worked his way up to partner. Businessman ever since. Keeping customers and team members entertained at JH since 2008.

                                • Pizza TimeThin-Crust Pepperoni
                                • MovieA League of Their Own
                                Darren LichtsinnDarren Lichtsinn
                                Darren Lichtsinn Division Director

                                Leads the promo team by example. Relationship builder. Sales guru. Believer in MOPFI (making other people feel important). Golfer and lake cruiser. Met his wife in kindergarten.

                                  • Pizza TimeSausage, Pepperoni, Onion
                                  • MovieThe Breakfast Club
                                  Troy LewisTroy Lewis
                                  Troy Lewis Outside Sales

                                  Salesman extraordinaire for, our eCommerce promo department. Works to create connections with his clients. Jack of all trades. Committed to continual learning and growth. Enjoys boating, fishing, gardening, and Busch Light Beer. Relentlessly competitive. JH team member since 2006.

                                    • Pizza TimeThin Crust w/ Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, & Onions
                                    • MovieFull Metal Jacket
                                    Tyler  BearmanTyler  Bearman
                                    Tyler Bearman Account Manager

                                    Promo fulfillment rockstar. 14+ Years of Industry Experience. Expert juggler of client needs, budget & timeline. Makes even the last-minute projects shine. Grill Master. Loyal follower of Indiana University & Chicago sports teams.

                                      • Pizza TimeHawaiian with BBQ sauce
                                      • MovieWedding Crashers
                                      Erica HickeyErica Hickey
                                      Erica Hickey Project Manager

                                      Connector of clients and resources. Loves to be organized and always checks twice. Renaissance woman and copywriter extraordinaire. Alaskan born and bred. Friend to everyone. Has two green thumbs.

                                        • Pizza TimeSausage, Onion & Mushroom
                                        • MovieWhat Dreams May Come
                                        Patrick FloreaPatrick Florea
                                        Patrick Florea Division Director

                                        Ultimate relationship-builder, marketing advisor, and strategizer. Listens to understand. Passionate difference-maker and Catholic Christian. Dog-sledding enthusiast. Loving husband and father. Servant at heart. JH team member since 2007.

                                          • Pizza Time800 Degrees or Amore’s Pizza
                                          • MovieLord of the Rings
                                          Haley HooverHaley Hoover
                                          Haley Hoover Project Manager

                                          Director of first impressions. Always wears a smile. Provider of answers. Promo products whiz. Enjoys concerts and beach visits. Afraid of anything with wings, including butterflies.

                                          • LinkedIn
                                          • Pizza TimePepperoni and Onion
                                          • MovieStep Up
                                          Jim (Lumpy) CoughlinJim (Lumpy) Coughlin
                                          Jim (Lumpy) Coughlin Account Manager

                                          Enjoys face-to-face sales and problem-solving. Aspires to be top sales person at JH Specialty. Believes in relationship-based sales. Enjoys live sports events. Might spot him at a country music festival. Ask him about his stand up comedy days.

                                            • Pizza TimePepperoni, Mushrooms, Onions, Extra Cheese
                                            • MovieTop Gun
                                            Sarah EnglertSarah Englert
                                            Sarah Englert Project Manager

                                            Always remembering the smallest details. Solving problems is her specialty. Passionate about achieving goals. Always up for an adventure. Can be found biking or gardening. Would probably beat you in a history quiz.

                                              • Pizza TimeOnion and Green Peppers
                                              • MovieInglorious Bastards
                                              Evan SauersEvan Sauers
                                              Evan Sauers Web and Digital Designer

                                              Designer of websites with a hand in front-end web development. Very detail-oriented and an organizational person who likes to get things done. Commitment to lifelong learning. Passionate about JH serving and impacting the world around them. Enjoys camping and hiking, sketching and drawing, and spending time with family and friends.

                                                • Pizza TimePepperoni
                                                • MovieJurassic Park
                                                Guy PlatterGuy Platter
                                                Guy Platter Digital Product Specialist

                                                Passion for improving the customer experience. Enjoys creating environments in which people can thrive. Committed to his wife and five children. Spends free time playing in an 80’s tribute band and taking long jeep rides.

                                                • LinkedIn
                                                • Pizza TimeWild Mushrooms, Arugula & Garlic
                                                • MovieWaiting for Guffman
                                                Brad  HintzBrad  Hintz
                                                Brad Hintz Director of Accounting

                                                Handles fixed asset schedules, reconciliations, and journal entries like a boss. Makes sure everyone gets paid and helps ground our creative vision. Loves spending time at the lake. Has never once been through a drive-thru.

                                                  • Pizza TimePepperoni from Lexy's
                                                  • MovieOffice Space
                                                  Jamie  NicholsonJamie  Nicholson
                                                  Jamie Nicholson Account Manager

                                                  Relationship-builder. King of promo campaigns with 15 years of industry experience. Motivated to enhance client marketing initiatives and generate success. Serves his church and community. Fun fact: he has been to the country of Mozambique three times on missions trips.

                                                    • Pizza TimeSausage & Pepperoni
                                                    • MovieBraveheart or Gladiator
                                                    Nathan KaiserNathan Kaiser
                                                    Nathan Kaiser Project Manager

                                                    Passionate about success in the workplace and business growth. Enjoys learning and achieving client needs. Recent PFW graduate. Loves to play and watch sports, especially hockey. Former left fielder for Indiana Tech. Current hockey player. Goal-achiever.

                                                      • Pizza TimeNew York Style
                                                      • MovieMiracle
                                                      Abby WilligAbby Willig
                                                      Abby Willig Program Manager

                                                      Highly driven to connect with people and make an impact. Thrives on creating success out of any challenge. Obsessed with: health and fitness, the outdoors, music and interior design. A nostalgia-lover 80’s kid that digs technology.

                                                      • Email
                                                      • Pizza TimePaleo Pizza
                                                      • MovieNapoleon Dynamite
                                                      Allison NicklinAllison Nicklin
                                                      Allison Nicklin Director of Project Management

                                                      Bridges the gap between our customers and our beautiful web team. Makes sure i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed, and that we deliver on our promises. Gets stuff DONE. Loves hiking, trying new beers, and family adventures. Halloween fanatic.

                                                      • LinkedIn
                                                      • Pizza TimeMargherita
                                                      • MovieHocus Pocus
                                                      Tim DiefenbachTim Diefenbach
                                                      Tim Diefenbach CTO

                                                      Visionary for all things tech at JH since 2003. Keeps gremlins at bay. Leads the web team to be their best selves and have all the details. Spec-writer. Problem Solver. Exceeding client expectations makes the world go 'round. Gremlins are real. Gym time is important (unless there is an opportunity for wings and beer). Good Friend, Father, & Husband.

                                                        • Pizza TimeAny pizza with hot wings.
                                                        • MovieToo many to choose! But The Big Lebowski has to win.
                                                        Josh TuckJosh Tuck
                                                        Josh Tuck Senior Web Designer

                                                        Arranges pictures and text to look nice together in your browser, and is inspiration by Massimo Vignelli and Aaron Draplin as much as skyscrapers and old matchbooks.

                                                          • Pizza TimeThe 800°
                                                          • MovieThe Grand Budapest Hotel
                                                          John Henry lllJohn Henry lll
                                                          John Henry lll CEO / Founder

                                                          Founded JH Specialty in 1998. Wears multiple hats as our CEO, but ultimately enjoys strategizing new solutions to our customers’ unique challenges. Passionate about positively impacting the lives of others. Serves his community and church. Dedicated husband and father. IU Hoosiers fan. Wants to play a round of golf with you.

                                                          • Pizza TimeSupreme
                                                          • MovieSuperman
                                                          Griff KluthGriff Kluth
                                                          Griff Kluth Account Coordinator

                                                          Supports our SaaS team. Client relationship builder. Ensures a seamless project from start to finish. Recent Iowa State grad. Boston sports fan. Hip-hop beats maker.

                                                            • Pizza TimeBuffalo Chicken w/Banana Peppers
                                                            • MoviePulp Fiction
                                                            Jesse NeuhouserJesse Neuhouser
                                                            Jesse Neuhouser Account Manager

                                                            Promo rock star. If there is a product you need branded, Jesse maximizes our vendor relationships to make it happen. Strives to meet deadlines with a quality product. An expert in all things signage. Devoted husband and father of two girls. Enjoys picking the ol’ 6-string when time allows.

                                                              • Pizza TimeLots of meat
                                                              • MovieThe Sandlot
                                                              Nick BarrowNick Barrow
                                                              Nick Barrow Web Developer

                                                              Creator of crispy UIs. Passionate about the ever-changing front-end landscape. Lover of RPGs and heavy metal, can usually be found playing classic Fallout or creating niche Spotify playlists. Indiana State alumni — go Trees!

                                                                • Pizza TimeBBQ Chicken
                                                                • MoviePulp Fiction
                                                                Jason KnotheJason Knothe
                                                                Jason Knothe COO

                                                                Heads up the sales, operations, and administrative functions of JH Specialty. Passionate about seeing clients AND team members thrive. Enjoys golfing and family time. Movie line quoter. “Be the ball."

                                                                  • Pizza TimeBeef, Onion, Shrimp, & Extra Cheese
                                                                  • MovieTie between Caddyshack and the Empire Strikes Back
                                                                  Chris  PolhamusChris  Polhamus
                                                                  Chris Polhamus Account Manager

                                                                  Client relationship-builder. Skillfully finds growth opportunities and connects businesses to their target market. Expert in digital marketing media and cross-platform campaigns. Loves sports and the outdoors. Former cheerleader for the Butler Bulldogs.

                                                                    • Pizza TimeBuffalo chicken dipped in nacho cheese
                                                                    • MovieDumb & Dumber
                                                                    Trevor LakeTrevor Lake
                                                                    Trevor Lake Intern

                                                                    I help with content migration, and I also am working on multiple certifications for things such as video editing. Currently, I am not an expert in anything, but I have a passion for video editing and have taught myself what I know. I’m excited to get as much exposure as I can to all the possible career paths, especially networking, coding, and video editing.

                                                                      • Pizza TimePepperoni with Jalapeños
                                                                      • MovieDrive
                                                                      Tim JonesTim Jones
                                                                      Tim Jones VP of IT

                                                                      Programmer since age 12. JH team member since 2007. Wears a few hats including project manager, spec writer, policy establisher, and lead developer. Expert in: responsive websites, eCommerce, and framework architecture. Husband and father. Comic-reader. Local church leader.

                                                                      • Twitter
                                                                      • LinkedIn
                                                                      • Steam
                                                                      • Pizza TimeSausage & Onion
                                                                      • MovieThe Dark Knight
                                                                      Chris BookmyerChris Bookmyer
                                                                      Chris Bookmyer Junior Developer

                                                                      Passionate about technology. Always expanding his skills. Senior at Bishop Dwenger High School. Can be found jamming out with Guitar Hero. Youngest and tallest JH Specialty employee.

                                                                        • Pizza TimeSupreme
                                                                        • MovieMen in Black
                                                                        Scott SandersonScott Sanderson
                                                                        Scott Sanderson Full Stack Web Developer

                                                                        Coding expert. Works to improve our framework. Fan of gaming. Can usually be found eating. Chose a career coding over being a fighter pilot.

                                                                          • Pizza TimePepperoni
                                                                          • MovieSpirited Away
                                                                          Russell SordeletRussell Sordelet
                                                                          Russell Sordelet Intern

                                                                          Looking to grow his business knowledge. Dwenger grad. Senior at Indiana University. Passionate about family and friends. Sports watching pro.

                                                                            • Pizza TimeBBQ Chicken
                                                                            • MovieStep Brothers
                                                                            Katy PolingKaty Poling
                                                                            Katy Poling Graphic Designer

                                                                            The other half of the artistic team at YourPromoPeople. Expert in artistic problem-solving and master of aesthetics to fulfill any customer's demands. Has a love for typography, branding, digital illustration, and color theory. Collector of art history books. Carves hills on her longboard when the weather permits.

                                                                              • Pizza TimePesto with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
                                                                              • MovieThe Artist is Present
                                                                              Justin RainsbergerJustin Rainsberger
                                                                              Justin Rainsberger Senior Developer

                                                                              Innovative programmer and problem-solver. Thrives on back-end challenges. Master of design patterns, data structures, and application security. Gourmet cook and meat smoker. Avid reader of theology, philosophy, and history. Gamer. Diffuses exploding kittens in his free time.

                                                                                • Pizza TimeBacon, Pineapple, & Jalapeño
                                                                                • MovieThe Count of Monte Cristo, Star Trek: Insurrection