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Meet The Teams

Meet The Teams

While JH is one big team, there are many teams here that people may not realize are hard at work behind your project. 

Promotional Products & Apparel Team

This team consists of a variety of talented, focused, and creative individuals who are ready to transform traditional swag and branded apparel into memorable experiences for you and your company. We believe every brand has a story and we are here to help you tell it.

  • Account Managers:  Your partner from the start. AMs help you find creative solutions, bringing your brand to life for your employees and clients. They will listen to your ideas, offer advice, and enhance your upcoming projects. They serve as your main point of contact and use their industry experience, relationships, and knowledge to source the right products for you.
  • Project Managers:  Assist account managers with creative ideas, project implementation, and business development. They are extremely creative and talented with the ability to manage multiple projects and ensure critical projects are managed, executed, and supported. They partner with your extended teams and serve as the go-between for customer and our internal design teams.
  • Graphic Artists:  Specialize in everything design. The “transformer” of the group. They enhance brands through creative design and graphics, transforming boring into extraordinary.
  • Warehouse Support:  Similar to the “expo line” in restaurant, these people ensure your projects receive the care and enhancements needed to safely arrive to your door. They manage all aspects of shipping and receiving. 
  • Sales Coordinators: This group of talented task-oriented individuals manage order process from start to finish. They support our account managers, project managers, and clients, by ensuring their products meet in-hands dates. 

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team is responsible for the agency level solutions including but not limited to web design and development, digital marketing management and traditional marketing creative services. 

  • Account Managers: Their role is to develop new client relationships while supporting their existing clients through ideation and relationship management. At our best, our AM team should know your business as well as you do. They are responsible for the overarching relationship and providing proactive solutions to solve current and future client challenges.
  • Project Managers: These are our success managers, helping our client’s take the project from concept to completion. They are often referred to as your ‘go-to’ for any project related questions. They play the ‘liaison’ role translating a client’s request into actionable tasks with our internal design, development and digital marketing teams. At our best, the PM team has helped to identify what success looks like on the outset of a project and has driven the plan to reach that common goal.

Web Team

The Web Team uses their collective expertise across a variety of skillsets to solve unique problems, create new products & services, and ultimately execute solutions for clients. In order to leverage specializations to their fullest, the web team is composed of multiple small teams focused on the areas of digital design, front and back-end web development, IT system administration, and digital marketing.

  • Digital Design: Our design team has their creative hand in almost every project, whether that be branding and logo design, a new website to market your products and services, a dedicated user interface for your web based software solution, or assets for your digital marketing campaign. Design works with everyone from the Account Manager and client at the beginning of the project, to Front End development, Digital Marketing, and the Project Manager through the end of the project.
  • Back-End Development: These team members are responsible for building the underlying software framework driving all of the web-based solutions we employ for clients (we brand this “Wombat Juice”!) Administration tools, database design, ecommerce capabilities, custom functionality, and other development solutions are just a small part of these this team’s regular workload. These developers and engineers work with the Project Manager, Front-End Development, and IT System Administration to get projects across the finish line.
  • Front-End Development: While the back-end dev team works on the foundation of our technical solutions, the front-end team takes your website from its approved design concept to interactive completion for desktop and mobile browsers, ensuring your site is compatible with the vast majority of devices while your branding and user interface remains consistent for all visitors. This team works closely with Project Management, Digital Design, Back-End Development, IT System Administration, and Digital Marketing during their typical project workflow.
  • IT System Administration: Behind all of our web-based solutions and the underlying Wombat Juice framework are complex server environments where all client sites and other technical solutions are hosted. The System Admin team manages these highly-customized environments while also tackling a variety of other IT-related tasks to ensure sites are built and launched successfully, working closely with the Project Manager, Back End, and Front End Development along the way. They also provide the entire JH team with technical support for their devices and everyday questions like "the printer won't print".
  • Digital Marketing: Pulling a common phrase from JH out of the hat: “if you build it, they will come” is decidedly not true in our world. The Digital Marketing team members work on the front-lines to drive quality traffic to client sites as well as physical locations using their expertise in the areas of search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, and other digital channels. Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok (and others you may not have heard of) are their playground while working closely with Digital Design, Front-End Development, and Project Management teams to overcome unique marketing goals for clients.


Our Software as a Service (SaaS) department fully supports end to end customer engagement and retention for our multiple browser based subscription offerings.

  • Solutions Consultant: The goal of the solutions consultant is to engage prospects and uncover how one of our offerings may overcome a current pain point or provide a new opportunity for the prospect. Ultimately the solutions consultant plays a business development role turning prospects into subscribers.
  • Program Manager: The role of the program manager is diverse. They first meet the subscriber during the onboarding process. They manage the onboarding process and post launch they are responsible for continued engagement and support as outlined in our service level agreement (SLA).
  • Digital Product Specialist: The role of the digital product specialist is to be the customer facing expert for our offerings. They manage day-to-day activities to ensure the offering is being executed as anticipated. They help listen to the voice of the customer and provide feedback that influences future development and roadmap activities. The digital product specialist also maintains our knowledge base to help encourage self-help for our subscribers.
  • Tier 1 Technical Support: The role of tier 1 technical support ensures that subscribers immediate needs are being met. Things like password resets, new user sign-ups, general questions and answers, etc. Subscribers have multiple ways to reach out to support such as phone, email, and live chat.
  • Web Project Manager: The role of our web project manager is to turn customer needs into development projects. They maintain and manage the road map and help educate internal stakeholders on what is being done and why it is being done.

This offering is fully supported by our Digital Design and Development team that is led by our Chief Technology Officer (CTO).


The Accounting group is the support team for all JH lines of business. Enhancing customer and vendor partnerships through timely and accurate billing/payments. Primary responsibilities for this team include:

  • Transaction processing/recordkeeping
  • General accounting functions (like billing, A/R, A/P, payroll, etc)
  • Benefits administration
  • Financial analysis
  • Consult on business process controls for continuous improvement


  • Division Directors: Many times called the "buffer" between the high level and intricate details of their division. Our directors serve their team as impact leaders. You may see them packing boxes or strategically planning their team's next win.
  • Executives: Taking initiative and turning them into strategies for success. They ensure we aren't just meeting our goals, but they help us exceed them through planning and execution. 
  • HR: Ensuring we are able to service our clients by having all the tools we need. Our recruiting ninja, process improver and culture engager.

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