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Making Connections

Making Connections

Why LinkedIn Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Why does everyone keep forgetting about LinkedIn?

Many brands develop Content Calendars that are specifically tailored for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But if those are the only networks your business is present on, you are missing a huge demographic.

As of February 3rd, over 310 million people are currently active on the site. Millennials, college graduates, executives. Exactly the type of audience that many companies seek out.

While the site has mainly been used in the past for job recruiting, it’s becoming a great marketing resource as well. To help you succeed on the network, we’ve identified some common mistakes to avoid.

You Haven’t Joined Any Groups

LinkedIn groups are a great way to target people within your industry. What better place to share news and updates than with an audience who will appreciate it?

Find private groups that align with your business principles. You now have access to over 40 million people who are identified as decision makers within their company. Even better, the majority of them are on the site specifically to get new ideas relevant to their industry.

Your Content is Generic

Audiences are exposed to a LOT of new content every day. Studies have estimated that the average person sees at least 4,000 different ads per day on average. How do you stand out in the sea of businesses vying for exposure? Make your content personal. Write your articles from your own viewpoint, and even try sprinkling in examples from your own life.

Take this post, from our very own Sierra Grayson, as an example. When she mentions her distaste for Chardonnay, she isn’t doing so as a distraction. She is effectively connecting with her audience and putting a personal touch on the subject matter.

You’re Not Utilizing Your Employees

You may not know it yet, but you already have an entire building full of people who can advocate for your business. It’s not a Facebook look-alike audience, or your 500 Instagram followers. It’s the people who come in five days a week and work for you.

You can rally your employees to be a strong voice for your company. Regularly encourage them to engage in your social media posts. Update them when new content goes live and consider shaping new articles about them as well.


Moving forward, try finding small ways to incorporate LinkedIn into your monthly content strategy. No other site provides direct access to so many viable leads.

Join groups, personalize your content, and encourage your employees to spread your message. In time, your account will grow into a valuable marketing resource for your brand.

If you’re interested in utilizing LinkedIn for your own business, we can help. Our experienced digital team will review your goals, outline a plan, and help you take your ideas to the next level.