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Social Media Recruiting Strategies

Social Media Recruiting Strategies

There are currently 4,529 active Fort Wayne, IN job postings on indeed.com. As a job-seeker, this is overwhelming. As a job-poster, this should terrify you. How do you rise above the 4,528 other job posts to attract qualified talent?

The unemployment rate as of December 2019 is at a healthy low of 3.5%. Again, great for the job-seeker, but finding great employees in a smaller and smaller pool of availability is difficult. Traditional recruiting methods are proving less and less cost-effective. Job seekers are picky. Job seekers are smart. Job seekers are...lazy?

Not quite, but they do expect the search and application process to be seamless. One terrific and non-traditional method of recruitment that has come to light in recent years is Social Media Recruiting. It's cheap (we prefer "cost-effective" around these parts), and it works. Like really, really works.

Get Those Recruiting Ducks in a Row

Before you jump on the Facebook and LinkedIn job post train, there are several foundational items to cover. I always encourage someone on your internal recruiting team go through the ENTIRE application process to identify pain points and areas of improvement. For the love of all that is holy, do not give the option to upload a resume and then require an applicant to type out their job history, skills, and education.

Panda Smashing a Computer

As a general rule, you should remove as many steps in the application process as you can. Send applicants to a dedicated landing page with a single CTA. We suggest something catchy and innovative - something like "Apply Now."

All joking aside, setting up the application funnel to be as straightforward and accessible as possible will minimize applicant drop-offs. If your application is not mobile-friendly or involves too many steps, job seekers will find a better, more 2020 option.

Do Your Research

Job seekers will undoubtedly research your company before applying. Your online presence and reputation can either attract or deter applicants. Make sure the following items are cohesive, complete, and coherent:

  • Social Media Profiles
  • Online Reviews
  • Job Description
  • Overview of Company Culture
  • Explanation of Benefits and Pay

Set It Up

Facebook and LinkedIn job posts are straightforward. But if you want to take your recruiting campaign to the next level, we suggest video ads, lead ads, and boosted job posts.

Example of Facebook Lead Ad [Source: Medium.com]

[Example of a Facebook Lead Ad. Source: Medium.com]

Since the dynamic of social media is different than that of other traditional recruitment methods, you might have to rethink your creatives. Videos and employee testimonials work great because they are eye-catching and seem more authentic. In general, it is okay to have a little fun with social media recruiting. As much as it pains me to say, we've even seen success using memes as recruitment creatives. Word of warning, trying to be hip with the kids (#hwtk) can go well or very poorly - so make sure you're on-trend and not forcing the narrative.

Be Responsive

The number one reason recruitment campaigns fail is lack of communication. Applicants expect a level of immediacy following their application. To eliminate panic on both ends, set up an auto-response for applicants. As soon as they hit that submit button, they should be comforted with messages of validation and reassurance. I'm only joshing. Just let the poor kid know their application has been received, and you will be in contact soon.

And I beg you, please follow up. Nothing leaves a more bitter taste in an applicant's mouth than being left on read...except maybe Chardonnay. I'm here to be the whistleblower on the Chardonnay industry. Is everyone just pretending to enjoy it?! I can't be the only alcoholic wine connoisseur that feels this way, right? RIGHT?!

Once an application is submitted, applicants expect to be notified of the next steps within 48 hours. At the very least, follow up within one workweek.

Make Improvements

One of the most significant benefits of social media recruitment is the ability to adapt campaigns as you go. If you see that one ad creative is getting twice the engagement as others - move some budget over. If you find that a video clip is getting more clicks to the application than your static ads, pause those static boys! In general, cost per applicant on social media is much cheaper than other methods, so you have room to play. There are variations with industry and job level, but in general, an application sourced from social media will cost between $8-37. What's even better is that you can start out small with social media recruiting. Just a few hundred dollars per month per job posting should be enough to get your recruiting efforts going strong.

Invest the Time

The biggest investment in a social media recruiting campaign is time. Unlike other recruitment methods, using Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to recruit talent is an ongoing process. There is a ton of front-loaded work, but there is also a continuous workload required to keep a fresh pool of potential, qualified applicants. If you are unsure where to start or if you do not have the internal resources required to manage a social media recruitment campaign, start the conversation.