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Golf Trends 2019

Golf Trends 2019

​Merchandise Trends Inspired By The Masters

The biggest event in golf is sure to bring out new golf trends for the promo industry. Three trends caught our attention and can easily be applied to your upcoming outing.

Elaborate Drinkware

Are you tired of me talking about customizing your drinkware yet? Go read this post if you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll wait here. I only talk about it because it's a trend that isn't going away, and most likely your competitors haven't caught on yet. That means you can be first, you can be the talk of the water cooler! Full color, elaborate designs ... something that will stand out on the shelf. Be bold, be unique.

Masters Tumbler Example

Original image source:Golf Week
  • Wrap the course map around your water bottle
  • Add a three-dimensional looking golf ball to your insulated tumbler
  • Use a shot from the most popular hole as the background behind your logo
  • The possibilities are endless!

Pastels for Tees

Don't freak out, I'm not talking about making you look like you are going to a baby shower. 

Pastel Shirts from Masters

Softer color palettes are showing up on and off the course. Even though your corporate colors are black and grey doesn't mean every shirt you put your logo on must be that color. Choose a fun, summery color and decorate it with your same logo. The likelihood of these shirts being worn again after the event is much higher if the recipient sees it as a retail trend that they would buy for their own closet.


Two big trends stuck out with hats and they may surprise you. 

First up are a trucker hat with a patch. Yes, you read that correctly, I said trucker mesh is a golf style! Again the idea is the same as the shirts ... a style trend in retail will eventually be a style trend elsewhere, including the golf course. 

Masters Trucker Mesh Cap with Patch

The next trend is simple text decoration. A straight forward logo or brand name without a lot of flair. This is your basic Dad hat, where minimalism is key. Once again, this hat is more likely to be worn after the event if it doesn't scream your brand name at everyone who sees it.

Masters Simple Text Decoration Cap

So who's ready to hit the course with one of these trends? You'll find me in the cart - I'm an excellent driver!