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The Benefits of Diversification

The Benefits of Diversification

John Henry III provides insight to Counselor Magazine

John Henry III, founder and CEO, was asked by Counselor Magazine to provide insight into the JH product make-up for their 2020 State of the Industry report titled, "SOI 2020: The Benefits of Diversification".

John explained that JH Specialty's understanding of a customer's promotional product needs as well as JH's ability to help with digital marketing has led to some unique recruiting strategies. JH Specialty has crafted a formula to help customers add to their workforce during a time when the number of job seekers has increased significantly. Utilizing lead ads, video ads, and automated email responses that offer a personal touch shows prospective new hires their information has been received.

The diversification strategy has worked well for JH Specialty during the pandemic as John notes, “Our strategy where we go to market with multiple services has worked out well for us to weather this storm.”

While the requests for promotional products dropped at the start of Covid-19, requests for digital services have been "through the roof". 

Some distributors and even JH's own customers have begun pivoting to online during these times. Whether that be through a redesigned website, executing email campaigns, or creating micro-sites to attract new talent - diversification is proving to be important during the pandemic.

Most importantly, JH Specialty wants to live up to the tagline, "A Partner You Can Rely On". John says it best, “Our whole goal is to find customers that have a pain point or problem and help them overcome that and be that partner.”

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