Business Intelligence

Transform raw data into meaningful results.


Today’s digital technologies offer a host of metrics and analytics that lend valuable insight as you move your business toward continued growth.

Looking into the future.

Here at JH Specialty, we are pleased to offer a variety of business intelligence solutions. Our dedicated team will dig in and dig deep, turning raw data into meaningful and useful information. Many companies find that this kind of insight is instrumental in guiding long-range and strategic planning efforts.

As your personal business intelligence analyst, JH Specialty uses a plethora of tools:

  • Business intelligence dashboards
  • Spreadsheets
  • Data mining
  • Data warehousing
  • Online analytical processing (also known as OLAP)
  • Reporting and querying software

Number crunching at its best.

We are a respected business intelligence development studio, and our team knows how to crunch the numbers with the best of ‘em! Then, we will tell you – in plain English – exactly what those numbers mean. We’re here to help you evaluate past successes and stumbling blocks, ultimately using data to help you chart a path toward future growth.

Many companies use business intelligence to: 

  • Improve decision making 
  • Pinpoint areas where cost-cutting measures may be viable 
  • Identify new business opportunities 

Businesses representing a variety of industries routinely use business intelligence analytics to monitor progress and plan for success. We’d love to help you in your quest to fly high! 

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