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Work-Life-Self Balance

Work-Life-Self Balance

Two years post pandemic and one trend that we do not see going away is the talk around "flexible schedules". JH has not only adopted the flexible schedule trend, but believes it to be a top contributing factor to the engagement, retention and reputation of the company.

If you take a look at our motto "Live by the Golden Rule", giving our team a flexible schedule is how we ensure we are doing just that.

What does our workplace flexibility entail? If a team member's daughter has a school play at 1pm on a Thursday - they go to it. If their baby's daycare closes last minute - they have our support without fear of losing their job.

So what does that mean? It is quite simple, we trust you. At the end of the day, we have a bottom line to hit, customers to support and each other to rely on. As long as you are living up to what is expected of you in your role at JH, we trust you to manage your time.

We can preach our flexibility all that we want, but there is some credibility behind what we speak. In September of 2022, we asked our team to take an engagement survey with a variety of questions around their job, their team, their leaders and ultimately - what keeps them excited to come to work - at least most of the time. When results were broken down, our flexibility category had ZERO detractors.

Below are some of the comments that were made:

"This is a major reason why I wouldn't leave, the flexibility is unlike any other company. I am trusted to get my work done in the time that works for me."

"When needed, being able to work remote gives me the flexibility to meet the demands of my personal life."

"Flexible hours are truly a blessing to make this possible."

Stress is inevitable whether that be at work or at home – but we do our best to ensure that stress isn’t caused by a work/life conflict. Life doesn’t stop outside of work and our core value of empathic service stems from our service to our team first.

If you are looking to make a change and tired of using PTO to schedule your doctor's appointments or missing your child's school event,  apply today!