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What Shoppers Need You To Know

What Shoppers Need You To Know

Holiday Shopping In 2020: A Top Ten List

As we warm up (or cool down) for the holiday shopping season that is getting a bright and unseasonably early start (thanks again, 2020); we’re going to take a sneak peek into the mind of an e-commerce shopper.

Top-10-style: because that’s how a good shopper thinks, right?

1. Am I supporting a local small business?

66% of U.S. holiday shoppers say they will shop more at local small businesses.

Shopping local and small is the hot rad beans and stuff, as the cool kids say.

2. Is there inventory available at my local store so I can pick it up?

71% want to know product availability before purchasing online or in-store.

I really don’t want to make a phone call. Can we at least text?

3. Can I pick it up Curbside or safely in the store?

60% want curbside pickup options.

Let’s be honest; my empty Amazon boxes have piled up

4. If I can’t get it at my local store, can you get my order in a week or less?

71% of shoppers stating they expect to receive their order in no more than a week

What can we say. We have been spoiled by Amazon.

5. Do you know what’s essential to me?

60% of shoppers are prioritizing the purchase of essential items when shopping online.

Is a chainsaw, shovel and duct tape considered “essential”?

6. How will you let me know my order is ready?

75% of consumers say they prefer to receive messages via email or mobile.

Just no phone calls, please!

7. Did you know that I actually want to shop for more than just the item I intended to purchase?

82% of BOPIS users asked in a survey by Adobe are likely to shop for additional items at the store.

We all love those overpriced-eye-catching-gadgets and snacks at that checkout. No lies.

8. What is BOPIS?

No retail jargon here: Buy Online, Pick Up in a Store 

100% of customers worldwide prefer industry jargon not slip into conversations; just let us get our stuff.

9. Do you know what the most important thing to me as a shopper is?

If I have to choose between delivery, curbside pickup, or being able to see if the inventory is available at your store, I will pick inventory availability. 

Survey says: When consumers were asked to rank in order the capabilities of greatest importance, inventory availability topped the list.

10. And what’s the most important thing you need to know?

You can’t compete without BOPIS.

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it has taught us this.

I didn't make up these stats, here's the full research if you want to fact check me.

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