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To Have and to Hold and to Make your Wedding Bold

To Have and to Hold and to Make your Wedding Bold

JH Specialty Inc., is mostly known for their nontraditional marketing techniques; however, our products can make your wedding extra special.

No, JH Specialty, Inc., cannot pick out flowers or the cake, but we can provide you with a few unique tools to help make your day special for you and your guests.

Save-the-Dates. The top of every bride's list. JH Specialty, Inc., has the perfect solution for your save-the-dates. Magnets. The whole concept is to create something which will serve as a constant reminder to your guests. Save-the-date magnets are a fun and functional way of informing your guests of your special day. No civilized person would shove a save-the-date magnet in a drawer or let it get taken out with the trash. Every guest whom receives a save-the-date magnet will place it on their refrigerator, the most logical platform for all important information. Visit www.fourcolormagnets.com/save-the-date-magnets.php to view and customize your save-the-date magnets and get a design quote.

Provide your guest with a little gift of their own. Give away beer koozies at your reception and your guests will remember your special day forever. We believe that a can koozie is the best wedding favor for the following reasons.

  • Affordable enough to give to all of your guests
  • Memorable, can coolies are a keepsake for your guests to remember your special day
  • Beer koozies can be used at the reception, and for years after
  • Can and bottle koozies will be kept for years and years
  • The groom can remember the wedding date!

Visit http://www.customcoolies.com/ to view the numerous can coolie options, customize your own and get a design quote for making your coolie a great addition to your wedding.