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John Henry Discusses Omnichannel Marketing

John Henry Discusses Omnichannel Marketing

The Hardware Connection May/June Feature

John Henry authored an article in the May/June 2021 issue of The Hardware Connection detailing the importance of omnichannel marketing.

The Hardware Connection May/June 2021 Issue

Omnichannel marketing puts the customer, not the product, at the center of what you do including your website, emails, social media platforms and even your in-store experience. This allows for a more consistent and effective brand message. 

By leveraging brand, buying habits, data analysis and digital marketing you can reach an omnichannel experience with profitable ROI. 

Brand Identity

Establishing a consistent brand and specifically a brand standards guide will help direct your efforts. Take the time to define your logo, logo variations, colors, fonts, and slogan. This will allow customers to easily recognize your company no matter what medium they see your brand.

Buying Habits

Allow customers to shop how they want. Making your buying experience consistent and convenient are keys to ensuring a smooth transaction for the customer. Depending on the demographic of your customer the buying process will be different. You should be prepared for these variations in buying behaviors.

Data Analysis

First determine how you'll keep score and use data to make better business decisions. John recommends keeping track of three areas on a regular basis.

  1. Website Analytics
  2. Social Campaign Reporting
  3. Number of Transactions In-Store

Using these three data sources will give you a holistic view on how platforms can work together to achieve your goals.

Digital Marketing

Use digital marketing to create top-of-mind awareness with someone who has interacted with your brand. Don't solely focus on customer acquisition in this space, use it to increase customer loyalty. 

Return on Investment (ROI)

An omnichannel approach allows you to expand your reach and maintain a scorecard of indicators, with the intent to create additional revenues. 

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