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John Henry Discusses the Instant Gratification of Ecommerce

John Henry Discusses the Instant Gratification of Ecommerce

Hardware Connection November Feature

John Henry authored an article in the November 2021 issue of Hardware Connection detailing how brick and mortar businesses can compete with the marketplace ecommerce options.

The Hardware Connection November 2021 cover

Marketplace ecommerce has been responsible for the demise of multiple brick and mortar brands that couldn't keep up or would not change to demands of their customers. However, brick and mortar businesses have the opportunity to compete in this space and stand out to consumers.

To put it directly: Consumers are impatient. They are not planning, they are reacting to what is immediately in front of them. They want it, they want it now. And they've become much smarter.

  • Free shipping isn't really free.
  • 2-day shipping isn't as appealing as it once was. 
  • Buying on marketplaces is hurting the local economy.

Brick and mortar businesses can capitalize on these factors and leverage their competitive advantages against the marketplaces. Showing consumers your expertise and product availability is a sure way to win their hearts. 

The marketplaces are catching on and continuing to grow locations to serve customers faster. But they will always lack on expertise, customer service, and even availability ... which you have.

Don't be shy! Yell it from the rooftops; you have the products people want, the products people need, and the customer service that is unmatched. 

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